Panic Strikes back along with Chennai Tsunami

There’s panic here as Chennai is put on highalert for Tsunami attack again. The news and rumors are all twined together making people more panicked.

It remains a question as to how many lives are pending to go before 2004 ends. God Bless !!

NDTV reports that the sea waves are seen to be rising near Chennai. Chennai Port Trust is put on highalert and starts evacuating people from there.

Google for Tsunami Relief

Tsunami & Google

The guys at Google have done a wonderful job by giving a link to Tsunami relief sites on the home page. The websearch main page looks like the image above. By giving the link on the homepage they are spreading the news of relief operations faster.

The linked Tsunami Relief page displays lists of donation sites and information sites. The information site also lists the Tsunami help blog.

Tribute to Tsunami Victims

The following tribute to Tsunami victims is written in Tamil.

– by Latha

Pirandha Pin Ninaitha Aayiram Aasaigal,
Arivu Thelindha Pin Artham Atru Pogalaam,
Arivu Mazhungi Aadai Inri Mannil Maraiyum Naal,
Aasaigal Artham Ketta Kelvigal Arthamaai Thonralaam
Vaazhvin Artham Edhil Dhaan Irukkiradhu
Annayin Paasathila, Iyarkayin Seetrathila
Illai Vaazhaikai Mudiyum Nodigalil Thonrum Seiyalatra Peedhiyila
Artham Atra Manidhanaai Vaazhavadhai Vida
Artham Thedi Alaiyum Aanmavai Iruppadhe Uyarvo?

Bloggers and Tsunami Relief

This article, Bloggers step in to help tsunami victims, in Sify written by Catherine Hours of AFP talks about the Bloggers are getting into the relief efforts of the recent Tsunami attack.

Not only people from Chennai are helping in Tsunami relief but there are many others around India who are contributing the efforts.

Blogs however should not replace professional journalists, said Robert Thompson, who heads the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University in New York state.

“But they are useful because they can do a lot of important work, they are very good at getting lots of information rapidly,” he said.

The big news media organisations keep offices in large cities “but they can’t be everywhere. The world of blogs means you get correspondents everywhere,” he said.