Panic Strikes back along with Chennai Tsunami

There’s panic here as Chennai is put on highalert for Tsunami attack again. The news and rumors are all twined together making people more panicked.

It remains a question as to how many lives are pending to go before 2004 ends. God Bless !!

NDTV reports that the sea waves are seen to be rising near Chennai. Chennai Port Trust is put on highalert and starts evacuating people from there.

6 responses to “Panic Strikes back along with Chennai Tsunami”

  1. Chenthil Avatar

    Hi Guru, I am just opposite to the port. Port is evacuated, but cant see much from my office terrace. However there is not much panic, and we are not yet evacuating our office.


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Thanks for the update Chenthil. Do take care. I was thinking that you must have updated your blog by now about the situation.

    Take Care. Hope the Tsunami goes back. I am damn pissed of it 😦


  3. guruprasad Avatar

    Chenthil last updated that water seen to be rising along the port. He evacuated office with that update.


  4. Vijai Avatar

    NDTV’s latest update says that the water level has not been rising and evacuation is only a precautionary measure. The Port Trust Manager has said that there is nothing to worry and the port will resume its operations by evening


  5. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Yes Vijay looks like the alert was not so true. But we will still have to wait and see.


  6. Ted Weis Avatar
    Ted Weis

    We sponsor a child in Chennai through World Vision. Our church in rural Kansas, USA prays the best for you. Our church will take a collection for relief support


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