Chennai Tsunami

Vairamuthu’s Angst on the Tsunami

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Vairamuthu‘s tribute to the Tsunami victims was in a form of a poem. A worthy read. This was the same poem which he quoted in Sun News Channel, a couple of days back.

5 thoughts on “Vairamuthu’s Angst on the Tsunami

  1. I hope there will be no dance song containing the word Tsunami from Kollywood! They’ve already mentioned mass murderers like ‘Saddam Hussien’,’Veerappan’& ‘Hilter’.

  2. How true do you think those words are? It’s just a garland of cliches that should be rolled tight and stuffed into Vairamuthu’s mouth.

  3. Montresor, I understand what you say here but just like a small help, it might just give a comfort feel for 2 minutes to those who are affected. We all are angry about the whole tsunami attack but he was able to put them into cliched words.

    Even we were joking when he started as ‘Hey Kadaley’ just like comedian vivek but as the poem went by it conveyed what so many people had as thoughts. Just that.

  4. i agree with montresor. and also a deviation from the original intention vairamuthu often writes poems which looks like mathematical manipulation. sometimes he does not desrve the applause he receives.

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