Chennai Tsunami

A $100 TRY[Tsunami Relief and You]

This isn’t a spoof of CRY[Child Relief and You] but just a similar naming which flashed me while I was driving to office this morning.

If you appreciate this TRY[Tsunami Relief and You] and would love to use this name for you Tsunami Relief fund, go ahead. Pay me a $100 which I would donate back to TRY itself. Howzaaaat ?

Chennai Tsunami

Volunteers needed for Tsunami Relief

Sudarshan, who belongs to AID-US is co-ordinating the Tsunami relief operations. He is sending out a call for or volunteers from AID-Chennai. There’s still a HUGE need for volunteers for different teams. There’s also a similar need of volunteers who can spend a few days in Pondicherry / Cuddalore/ Naagai / Kanyakumari. Preferably those who can speak tamil.

If there are any volunteers for the areas mentioned above, please contact the aid-india office or the telephone numbers given below.

Contact :
The main AID help line is 044-2835 0403, 044 5561 5629.
Chennai : 20, Ratheenam St, Gopalaupuram, Chennai-600086
Cuddalore: Balaji – 94440 61033, K.P.Narayan 04142-229108 and
Damu – 94442 41918
Nagapattinam: Jagadish – 98403 79889 and Ranganathan – 94440 18590
Pondicherry: 0413- 2290733

Chennai Tsunami

Update on Chennai Tsunami Alert

I’ve had friends/relatives calling up if everything is safe because of the emrgency alerts flying red on the televisions. My friend who lives in Triplicane had informed that a portion of Radhakrishnan salai is blocked because it leads directly to the sea and their are divertions in that place.

Another friend panickly called up and said that people are leaving to their homes and the electric trains are already running full houses.

Update – Two hours after the previous para was written, the televisions are announcing that Tsunami alert in Chennai may be reduced. Looks like the Port Trust of Chennai will start functioning from evening.