Chennai Tsunami

Tsunami Again, Hope not

Looks like the Indonesian earthquake with a magintude of 8.7 has also triggered a Tsunami alert.for contries surrounding it. The Indian Home Ministry has alerted the coastal states including Tamil Nadu and Andaman Islands.

A prayer more than a hope that the Tsunami doesn’t get in the way anymore.No way !!

7 thoughts on “Tsunami Again, Hope not

  1. I slept like a log last night. Knew about it from radio this morning. North West peninsular Malaysia felt the shock but no damage or Tsunami.

  2. Hey Guru,
    want to meet an old acquaintance i seattle? I’m sure u will be pleasently surprised man.

  3. Is that an ‘Old’ Friend or an Old Friend. Hey now that you know that I’m going to be surprised I’m taking liberties to start the fun right from here. Anyway this probably is the post for us to relive our friendship. Will email you. but man can’t make it out from email id. Shucks !! Who are you ?

    Maran, Good to know nothing happened at malaysia. Take care.

  4. Hi, Think all nations have withdrawn the Tsunami warnings. Even if this time we do have a Tsunami…I am sure only a few lives will be lost because…the Pacific Tsunami Watch center will alert us in time.

  5. Only a few lives lost ?
    What do you mean dude – u mean to say “we can loose few lives “, whose lives are those anyway ?
    what is the value of those lives ?
    common man

  6. Hemm…I felt the tremors…how did Maran miss it? everyone in the west coast Malaysia (WEST SIDE…ehehehe) felt it! MAybe when sleeping we wont realize. I was awake and I thought i lost it! Its like the gyros in the head gone dead! (i.e. inner ear not working) but then when i saw the ripples on the water then i realize. of course by then everyone in the apartment was shouting and running down, and the dogs started to bark… Its the first time ive felt an earthquake tremor…dont know its worth to celebrate of be sad of. But seriously, the the indonesian people MUST move away from west sumatra all along the coast, the place is a death trap!!! There would be another one very soon! By the way, the tremor i felt had a horizontal displacement of about 20 cm from the middle of the vision, thats freaky!!! but luckiyl its the land thats moving and not the house/ aparment.

    God save everyone and please be wary of the sea!


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