9 thoughts on “Ennappa Ithu ??

  1. Blogged the same stuff last week…looked like the Manmathan Athai Thathai song…did NOT like this on Rajni and never expected it!! 😦

  2. P Vasu has accused Fazil for making money from the remake rights of a movie made 10 yrs back. I wonder why P Vasu keeps on saying that the story is his’ while the whole world knows that Aptha Mitra is a remake of Mani.. and Chandramukhi is a remake of Aptha Mitra. Seems he thinks that once the screenplay is changed a bit, the basic story also changes.

  3. Lazy,

    This still is from Annanoda Pattu song! Entry of all these girls into screen after rajini’s voice “Ippadi Chudu” in that Song.

  4. Hi LG,

    Thalaiver looks great & charming. Chumma kalakararu;-) Engo poitaru. By the by expecting next post on kamal. {Since the sequence is always followed in your post}

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