One more rainy weekend

So all I could is to bundle up with a dozen flicks of various genres including the kollywood ones and call this movie marathon. The King County library provides a free access to all the 43 libraries around. For a book types, like me, it is a welcome break. I’m just ordering books that I haven’t or wanted-to-but-couldn’t-get back in India and read them to glory.

The first one was an awe-inspiring auto-biography, Every Second Counts by the tour-de-france champion Lance Armstrong. This guy after surviving a cancer, pitched back and won not one but five championships of tour-de-france. Mind you, tour-de-france is considered to be the most grueling championship and a real test of stamina for mankind. Every man’s life has a history but very few have such completely devastating lives told in the best possible way without pretence and unnecessary adjectives. Lance Armstrong is one hell of a guy. Truly. And I’m just checking the prices of bikes around for a tour-de-seattle. BTW, the last line was a lie for a lazy like me. I’m currently reading Rebecca Blood’s The Weblog Handbook and also hae piled up Biz Stone’s Blogging book as the next read.

Films. Name them and they are available at the library. From Akira Kurosawa‘s Ikiru to Rajinikanth‘s Muthu, there is just every other international movie available. I’ve booked more than enough flicks, most of them being on the non-commercial ones that you cannot get in India. Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine and Woody Allen’s Play it again, Sam were some to name from. I’m surprised to see there are 50 people who have booked for Akira Kurosawa’s Rashomon, before me. That says all.

With all these films lined up, my head would burst a 1000 pieces if I don’t say my opinion on them. Instead of reviewing every other movie in a detailed fashion, how about two-minute-reviews ? Something real quick and just worthy stuff on film. The regular ones would go on as ever. I’m trying it out to see if it works.

5 responses to “One more rainy weekend”

  1. Venkat Avatar

    LG, you must be in heaven! In fact I would be in heaven if only Sydney also had such a comprehensive literature library! Anyways LG, its also worth noting Kurosawa’s “Ran”, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s “King Lear”, it is a masterpiece and thoroughly enjoyable! As far as Michael Moore is concerned, his “Stupid White Men” is a fabulous read with plently of humor and an insight (albeit slightly biased) into the equally corrupt as India world of American politics.


  2. raapi Avatar

    Is this yet another ‘U.S life is super’ post from a guy who actually is starting to get bored of it or are you really enjoying the U.S?
    Agreed therz lots of stuff to do..but then somethings missing here 😦


  3. Morpheus Avatar

    Man, Lance totally rocks… He is one inspiring character for me after Stephen Hawking.
    I think he z won 6 tour de france in a row.


  4. Maran Avatar

    Morpheus is right, Lance won the tour 6 times in a row. Livestrong.


  5. ravi Avatar

    I am in Illionis. we too do have a well-stocked library here. Fortunately, I don’t have a big queue ahead of me. Managed to find time to watch many of AFI top 100 movies. But I miss being able to share or discuss with people who are interested in this stuff. Atleast it is hard to find many desis here who are.


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