Chennai Tsunami

Volunteers needed for Tsunami Relief

Sudarshan, who belongs to AID-US is co-ordinating the Tsunami relief operations. He is sending out a call for or volunteers from AID-Chennai. There’s still a HUGE need for volunteers for different teams. There’s also a similar need of volunteers who can spend a few days in Pondicherry / Cuddalore/ Naagai / Kanyakumari. Preferably those who can speak tamil.

If there are any volunteers for the areas mentioned above, please contact the aid-india office or the telephone numbers given below.

Contact :
The main AID help line is 044-2835 0403, 044 5561 5629.
Chennai : 20, Ratheenam St, Gopalaupuram, Chennai-600086
Cuddalore: Balaji – 94440 61033, K.P.Narayan 04142-229108 and
Damu – 94442 41918
Nagapattinam: Jagadish – 98403 79889 and Ranganathan – 94440 18590
Pondicherry: 0413- 2290733

4 thoughts on “Volunteers needed for Tsunami Relief

  1. United States has increased the aid to 350 million dollars and they have a formed a core alliance on the relief effort with India, Australia,Japan and UN.

    I heard an interview in NPR radio from one of our fellow bloggers called Dina Mehta, I wish they had also interviewed you.
    You are great a great job! Keep up the good work.

    One last news, Aus cricket board wants have a cricket match for Tsunami relief. Thery want to ahev it on Jan 17th


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