Volunteers needed for Tsunami Relief

Sudarshan, who belongs to AID-US is co-ordinating the Tsunami relief operations. He is sending out a call for or volunteers from AID-Chennai. There’s still a HUGE need for volunteers for different teams. There’s also a similar need of volunteers who can spend a few days in Pondicherry / Cuddalore/ Naagai / Kanyakumari. Preferably those who can speak tamil.

If there are any volunteers for the areas mentioned above, please contact the aid-india office or the telephone numbers given below.

Contact :
The main AID help line is 044-2835 0403, 044 5561 5629.
Chennai : 20, Ratheenam St, Gopalaupuram, Chennai-600086
Cuddalore: Balaji – 94440 61033, K.P.Narayan 04142-229108 and
Damu – 94442 41918
Nagapattinam: Jagadish – 98403 79889 and Ranganathan – 94440 18590
Pondicherry: 0413- 2290733

4 responses to “Volunteers needed for Tsunami Relief”

  1. idlyboy Avatar

    United States has increased the aid to 350 million dollars and they have a formed a core alliance on the relief effort with India, Australia,Japan and UN.

    I heard an interview in NPR radio from one of our fellow bloggers called Dina Mehta, I wish they had also interviewed you.
    You are great a great job! Keep up the good work.

    One last news, Aus cricket board wants have a cricket match for Tsunami relief. Thery want to ahev it on Jan 17th


  2. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Nice to know to that info about US raising the relief fund. I wish we play well atleast in that ODI.


  3. Anand Avatar

    Hi All,

    There was another big quake in Sumatra for 6.5.
    Read it in Associated Press wire.



  4. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Lazy, i put this info on my blog. Hope you dont mind, as long as help keeps coming.


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