ABC’s People of the Year: Bloggers

There are bloggers and there are bloggers. ABC News declares People of the Year: Bloggers. A trivia that’s very interesting is that a new blog is created every seven-and-a-half seconds. More than 10,000 new additions are added to the blogosphere each day. Thats a huge number.

This title of ABC could be hugely attributed to the Blogger’s active participation in the US Presidential Election of 2004 and also other global issues like the latest Asian Tsunami attacks.

This week, their influence has become readily apparent. Dozens of bloggers have been filing firsthand reports from the areas devastated by southern Asia’s deadly tsunamis.

“There is kind of an immediacy that people can relate to — can’t help but relate to that in a very intimate way,” said Jardin.

Bloggers around the world have made themselves useful, encouraging donations to relief groups, posting the names of the missing, and expressing sympathy for the victims.

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