The Day Before Tomorrow

The ground beneath my feet trembled. The place was shaking all over. My comp fell down from the table. The wall clock just slipped down to hit my head straight. It had 6:45 am on it’s hands and it stopped. I just realised it was a earthquake and quickly opened the door and ran faster and faster. It shook and I rolled down the stairs. Down and Down. Rolling.

Well, that was just a an exaggeration. I could possibly have a nightmare of sorts today just like this one. But truly it trembled. Just a little.

One unassuming december sunday morning was going to be an unforgettable one, specially for the ones who lived in Chennai. As I was about to wake up, this morning it was a feeling that someone was just playing with the cot. There was a thin shake and it stayed for a while. Even before I realised it was a earthquake it was over. It lasted just for a minute before it died down taking away so many lives all over Asia alongwith it.

Was in Adyar today and took a stroll after the quake to see if I was the one who was insane to think it was a earthquake. I understood I wasn’t alone. However, I didn’t comprehend the loss until it was announced in the televisions. Had been to the Besant Nagar beach now to see what had happened to the Chennai’s proud asset. The beach memorial where Chennai Blogger meets are held is just so close to the sea. The original shores aren’t too be seen and the beaches(Marina, Besant Nagar, Santhome and Thiruvanmiyur) have become museum pieces. People are coming in hundreds to watch the sea take over the shores.

This title doesn’t hold a connection to the day after tomorrow movie but the day before tomorrow(it’s today…come on) will be remembered down the memory lane. Sometimes Headline News happens just beneath you without you realising it is one.