Bloggers and Tsunami Relief

This article, Bloggers step in to help tsunami victims, in Sify written by Catherine Hours of AFP talks about the Bloggers are getting into the relief efforts of the recent Tsunami attack.

Not only people from Chennai are helping in Tsunami relief but there are many others around India who are contributing the efforts.

Blogs however should not replace professional journalists, said Robert Thompson, who heads the Center for the Study of Popular Television at Syracuse University in New York state.

“But they are useful because they can do a lot of important work, they are very good at getting lots of information rapidly,” he said.

The big news media organisations keep offices in large cities “but they can’t be everywhere. The world of blogs means you get correspondents everywhere,” he said.

2 responses to “Bloggers and Tsunami Relief”

  1. It’s really heartening to see the corporates and the bloggers helping the tsunami victims,not to forget the funds by NRIs.But there are ppl who use even this opportunity to make money for when i was travelling,at the Koyambedu junction there were a group of young men running here and there,shaking their plastic containers with holed lids to the ppl in the buses and the ppl waiting for green signal..observing them for sometime,i saw them giggling to each other and running here and there making fun, they are just exploiting the tragedy,and the worst part is some ppl from the buses dropped a ruppee or two to them… these guys may not make big money from this..but how utterly inhuman these ppl are.


  2. What you say here is perfectly right. Thats probably the only reason why people don’t contribute at all because they think their money and efforts go vain to some middleman !!