Tribute to Tsunami Victims

The following tribute to Tsunami victims is written in Tamil.

– by Latha

Pirandha Pin Ninaitha Aayiram Aasaigal,
Arivu Thelindha Pin Artham Atru Pogalaam,
Arivu Mazhungi Aadai Inri Mannil Maraiyum Naal,
Aasaigal Artham Ketta Kelvigal Arthamaai Thonralaam
Vaazhvin Artham Edhil Dhaan Irukkiradhu
Annayin Paasathila, Iyarkayin Seetrathila
Illai Vaazhaikai Mudiyum Nodigalil Thonrum Seiyalatra Peedhiyila
Artham Atra Manidhanaai Vaazhavadhai Vida
Artham Thedi Alaiyum Aanmavai Iruppadhe Uyarvo?

4 responses to “Tribute to Tsunami Victims”

  1. Some say, life inherently has no meaning of its own but what u give it… but some, like this poet says that there is one and u shud find it, alone. When our mind tries to digest the realities like tsunamis this is something to ponder about, forgetting the terror.


  2. I am seriously tonguetied now. Dont know what to say. I have been watching CNN and MSNBC almost continuously over the last two days and this poem just conveys the sinking feeling that every single image that i have seen has evoked. 😦