Rajeev Menon breaks the Guru ‘suspense’

rajeev menon mani ratnam guru

Rajeev Menon is currently shooting Mani Ratnam’s Guru. We all know that. Seems to be too spirited these days. Working again with Mani Ratnam may be one of the reason. But he goes to the extent of even talking in a little detail about Guru’s premise. I’m surprised. This morning when Mani Ratnam sips his coffee and reads this Vikatan interview, he will be surprised too.

BTW, what’s with this Ambaani story and all. Starting from the day when the story started to sneak out, I was hanging out silently to get this confirmed. With this answer of Rajeev Menon it’s nearly confirmed. Nearly. Usually, when the screens light-up for a Mani Ratnam movie, I anxiously await to be over-powered by the images on the screen. This Ambaani matter is somehow hindering the expectations.

Who is GURU ?

KC 7

kollywood car 7

I know this is crazily tough. Keeping mind the previous cars were answered in matter of hours, sometimes in minutes after posting, this needs a tougher cinephile. There are enough clues. Go guess.

Are you new to this silly kollywood car game, look here.

One couldn’t guess what he/she

One couldn’t guess what he/she can find in a library. On a sunny day like yesterday, I found a rack of tamil books in the Seattle Pubic Library. I had to literally discover them located in one corner of the library. So I picked a bunch of those books. More Info overload.

The bunch included Neela Padmanaban’s Therodum Veethi, Suprabharathi Manian’s Appa and Matrum Silar and Ka. Na. Su’s Thomas Vandhaar. The most interesting find were two books by Ashokamitran. One was En Payanam, sort of an autobiography on his writing career. Donno if they included these articles on Ashokamitran Katturaigal book. The other one was Iruvar, a double novel published as a single book. I haven’t heard about Ashokamitran’s Iruvar before yesterday. Seems like its a long forgotten book.

Kush !!

Kollywood Car 6

kollywood car 5

This one should be the most easiest one. Will have another one for tomorrow.

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