Rajeev Menon breaks the Guru ‘suspense’

rajeev menon mani ratnam guru

Rajeev Menon is currently shooting Mani Ratnam’s Guru. We all know that. Seems to be too spirited these days. Working again with Mani Ratnam may be one of the reason. But he goes to the extent of even talking in a little detail about Guru’s premise. I’m surprised. This morning when Mani Ratnam sips his coffee and reads this Vikatan interview, he will be surprised too.

BTW, what’s with this Ambaani story and all. Starting from the day when the story started to sneak out, I was hanging out silently to get this confirmed. With this answer of Rajeev Menon it’s nearly confirmed. Nearly. Usually, when the screens light-up for a Mani Ratnam movie, I anxiously await to be over-powered by the images on the screen. This Ambaani matter is somehow hindering the expectations.

Who is GURU ?


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  1. Jacky Avatar

    He is certainly on the path of deterioration. Who wants to see a boring story of the rise of Dhirubhai and how he won the corporate battles. His big successes have come from fiction and not from filming real life incidents. There are few directors in Kollywood who have emulated his school of filmmaking though not upto his standards, and Rakesh Omprakash Mehra matched Ratnam with his script frame by frame. It’s time for him to make the next paradigm shift to filmmaking but that’s just not happening.


  2. Ashwin Avatar

    off topic but is ARR selling his background bits to hollywood producers? this is really interesting…



  3. Blogeswari Avatar

    I have got an opportunity to work on Guru when they come to Mumbai to shoot next month. Will update soon


  4. hellboy Avatar

    Please tell me that I beat you posting this info on Guru 🙂

    I am realllly interested in watching Dhirubhai’s life story as a mani movie. He has already made Nayagan based on Varadraja Mudaliar’s life. Though he borrowed a little from Godfather it is his one of the biggest hits till date


  5. blogreader Avatar

    Jacky, what do u think Aydha Ezhuthu, one of the finest movies in terms of content, style and form is all about? Its an inspiration from a Osmania University student exressed on screen. Kannathil Muthamittal was another superb work insired by an article about a girl in Time magazine. And Nayagan, needless to say. So jus warm up with these news about “Guru” for a wonderful watch.


  6. Jacky Avatar

    Compare Maniratnam of the 80’s and mid 90’s to his last 10 years. Bombay was his last complete brilliant work, Alaipayuthe was neat but his other films don’t do justice to his talent.
    Kannathil Muthamittal was sensitive until the movie dealt with adoption. Showcasing different flavors of Terrorism has become mundane stuff in Maniratnam movies.
    Iruvar conveniently left out the sinister side of its main characters it was just an artistic insight into their lives.
    IMO, Rajkumar Santhosi is enough to handle something like Guru. He has taken period films and would sensationalize the corporate battles. I am not saying Santhosi’s work would be better than Ratnams, this story just doesn’t need someone like Maniratnam. It’s a waste of time.


  7. N. Chokkan Avatar
    N. Chokkan

    Dhirubai Ambani’s life history IS a very interesting story, and Im sure somebody like Mani Ratnam can make it really well for screen media – my expectations for this movie have gone 100 levels up 🙂

    If interested, you can read my book on Dhuribai Ambani, where I have tried to capture his life story, without getting too much technical abt bizness etc., (http://www.kamadenu.com/cgi-bin/store_view.cgi?catid=bio&itemid=3 OR http://www.tamiloviam.com/ebook/html/bookdetails.asp?BookId=TB00013&Cat=TC00007)

    Like Rajeev Menon in vikatan, En pangukku naanum oru ‘bit notice’ pottiriukkaen – sorry ‘guru’ 🙂

    N. Chokkan


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  9. sk Avatar

    I think we are taking the news in a very negative manner. some of mani ratnam’s films might not have as brilliant as roja or bombay, but none of them have been disappointing either. there is always something in his movies to remind us that he has genius in his vision. if its mani ratnam behind the camera, trust the movie implicitly. touchwood, he cannot disappoint us, even if the story is supposedly about dhirubhai ambani (which i refuse to believe)