KC 7

kollywood car 7

I know this is crazily tough. Keeping mind the previous cars were answered in matter of hours, sometimes in minutes after posting, this needs a tougher cinephile. There are enough clues. Go guess.

Are you new to this silly kollywood car game, look here.

26 thoughts on “KC 7

  1. I’ve never done this thingy… so here’s my first try: Is it the scene from Gentleman when the CM comes to court? A rather wild guess!

  2. hmm.. think its the scene in roja where arvind swami steps his foot on kashmir..(the partially visible red jacket resembles the 1 swamy wore in tat movie;) )

  3. Let me try somthing different….Is it a real snap with the cars waiting for Kalaingar after the padhavi aetrppu vizha….Do I sound crazy??

  4. Kadhal Desam flyover scene where Kunjumon makes a “special appearance?”
    It’s a wild guess so wun be shocked if I’m wrong…
    Lazy, epdi en ego-va veral sodukkra nerathula naaradichitrukeenge!

  5. The background looks like a stadium…
    The red light in the car indicates the person inside is propably an IAS or IPS category.
    Number of cars shows his convoy.The person in the driver seat wears red shirt.By keeping all these clues in mind, I guess…guess….g..u..e..s…s..

  6. Davinci code kooda konjam easy thaan Guru…

    Mudhalvan – Raghuvaran comes for the interview – Background la TV channel vandi theriyuthu…

  7. Narasi, Kalakks da. It is Mudhalvan. And that’s the cable chanel’s van behind. Good find. Its the scene when Arjun travels to the kuppam to grab the eve-teaser.

  8. Yippee! My first guess once you put the question was Mudhalvan too.
    But, I wasn’t too sure and was a li’l bit lazy :P.

  9. Zero, அடுத்த தடவையிலேந்து ஒழுங்கா காமெண்டு போடணும். ஒகே-வா !!

  10. Mudhalvan . .and a quick question for you . . what font do i choose to type in tamil . .web true type? pls explain

  11. mudhalvan would mean the tamil version of nayak which has anil kapoor playing the lead, right?

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