5 thoughts on “Thanks Keerthi.

  1. My favourite movie(along wth Mahanadi)…
    And the pity is that it is generally never included in the list of movies talking about Partition, Gandhi and stuff though itis probably the most realsitic of the Indian movies made about that period.And certainly the most different giving a South Indian’s perspective of the issue.

  2. kamal is the one and the only one great star in tamil cinema, he is the one who can claim to be a Sivaji, but some style actors are acting in a film named on the great actor

  3. Hey Ram will be forever remembered for its major miss…THE BOX OFFICE. It will never be celebrated as a bold, insightful, intelligent, gripping foray into film making as far as Tamil fildom is concerned. For starters, it was not a Tamil film.. it was an INDIAN film. It will be long savoured, devoured, discussed & missed pny on discussion platforms like Lazy Geek’s.

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