One couldn’t guess what he/she

One couldn’t guess what he/she can find in a library. On a sunny day like yesterday, I found a rack of tamil books in the Seattle Pubic Library. I had to literally discover them located in one corner of the library. So I picked a bunch of those books. More Info overload.

The bunch included Neela Padmanaban’s Therodum Veethi, Suprabharathi Manian’s Appa and Matrum Silar and Ka. Na. Su’s Thomas Vandhaar. The most interesting find were two books by Ashokamitran. One was En Payanam, sort of an autobiography on his writing career. Donno if they included these articles on Ashokamitran Katturaigal book. The other one was Iruvar, a double novel published as a single book. I haven’t heard about Ashokamitran’s Iruvar before yesterday. Seems like its a long forgotten book.

Kush !!

2 responses to “One couldn’t guess what he/she”

  1. Keerthivasan Avatar

    Yeah, I can see.. Grave Silence.. 🙂


  2. karthik Avatar

    🙂 seems to be very happy i guess…


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