Said that, baby !!

Quite often, the people whose side you’re on, politically, have absolutely no place for a person like you in their social, cultural or religious imagination. That’s a knotty problem… politically radical people can come at you with the most breathtakingly conservative social views and make nonsense of the way in which you have ordered your world and your way of thinking about it… and you have to find a way of accommodating these contradictions within your worldview.

People are constantly in search of idols, heroes, villains, sirens – in search of individuals, in search of noise. Anybody in whom they can invest their mediocre aspirations and muddled thinking will do. Anyone who is conventionally and moderately ‘successful’ becomes a celebrity. It’s almost a kind of profession now – we have professional celebrities – maybe colleges should start offering a course.

In this freak show, this celebrity parade, there’s no place for loss, or failure. Whereas to me as a writer, failure interests me. Success is so tinny and boring. Everyone is promoting themselves so hard.

And that was Arundhati Roy in interview with Tehelka, back in Nov 2005. Going by her own words, she might be offended to call her radical.

I’ve highlighted only some of the parts that I can relate so much with. Even if you constantly bash Arundhati Roy for her speeches, you’ve got to read this to agree with it. Via Narain.

Thiruttu Payaley

tiruttu payaley

Susi Ganesan strikes back with a simplistic thriller that proceeds as interesting as a Bhagyaraj screenplay. Once you are out of the theatre you can’t avoid the feeling that the movie was mediocre but when you are at it, just like a pulp fiction, it interestingly thrills.

Thiruttu Payaley’s screenplay has all twists of a Bhagyaraj screenplay except a family that would form a nucleus to the story. Instead it has a corrupted unemployed youth who makes blackmailing his profession. Given the latest fad for Gilliish movies, Thiruttu Payaley clearly treads clearly inthe opposite path. Wait a sec. Did I say different path ? Oh !! no. Not for the flashback piece. A classic flashback that details why the protagonist is pushed towards blackmailing. Anniyan stuff. Other than that and a couple of unnecessary songs, the film goes on pretty steadily.

And Jeevan plays his part, for the most part, very well. If only he was a little more spontaneous it would have been a big plus. I seem to have a soft corner for Sonia Agarwal and so I would say, she did her job fairly well. Vivek rocks after a long long time. This time he is against mega serials and he performs the thenali stuff. Amusing. Malavika tries to become a neelambari but her character doesn’t help her ambition too much. Neverthless good job. Abhaas is also there. Just there.

The title song thiruttu payaley based on MGR’s chinna payaley sethi kelada seem to hit the nail on its head. Vairamuthu is still alive.Susi Ganesan continues to take the alternative path just like his mentor Mani Ratnam and thats a happy thing to notice. Couple of more films and he would become an ‘established’ hand.


Aaramthinai is now online, requires no subscription. And that’s good news.

Gnani’s Dheemtharikida is online since last month.

Cho’s Thuglak is online since last week. A hefty $20 subscription is needed.

Kumudam get’s a make over. Gearing for it’s paid subscription service.

Sujatha’s Katrathum Petrathum Part 3 has been released. From Vikatan Publications.

Kalachuvadu has a column on Aathmanam, the poet. A great artist, one would agree, reading his works.

Gilli[Puthusu, Dhinusu, Ravusu] has a concise guide on how to read/write weblogs in Tamil.