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Thiruttu Payaley

tiruttu payaley

Susi Ganesan strikes back with a simplistic thriller that proceeds as interesting as a Bhagyaraj screenplay. Once you are out of the theatre you can’t avoid the feeling that the movie was mediocre but when you are at it, just like a pulp fiction, it interestingly thrills.

Thiruttu Payaley’s screenplay has all twists of a Bhagyaraj screenplay except a family that would form a nucleus to the story. Instead it has a corrupted unemployed youth who makes blackmailing his profession. Given the latest fad for Gilliish movies, Thiruttu Payaley clearly treads clearly inthe opposite path. Wait a sec. Did I say different path ? Oh !! no. Not for the flashback piece. A classic flashback that details why the protagonist is pushed towards blackmailing. Anniyan stuff. Other than that and a couple of unnecessary songs, the film goes on pretty steadily.

And Jeevan plays his part, for the most part, very well. If only he was a little more spontaneous it would have been a big plus. I seem to have a soft corner for Sonia Agarwal and so I would say, she did her job fairly well. Vivek rocks after a long long time. This time he is against mega serials and he performs the thenali stuff. Amusing. Malavika tries to become a neelambari but her character doesn’t help her ambition too much. Neverthless good job. Abhaas is also there. Just there.

The title song thiruttu payaley based on MGR’s chinna payaley sethi kelada seem to hit the nail on its head. Vairamuthu is still alive.Susi Ganesan continues to take the alternative path just like his mentor Mani Ratnam and thats a happy thing to notice. Couple of more films and he would become an ‘established’ hand.

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  1. I think
    “Vairamuthu is still alive.”
    should have been
    “Vairamuthu is still lively.” or something similar.


  2. /* Vivek rocks after a long long time */ No LG the comedy was patheic.Its a grave mistake that they had Vivek’s part in the movie. The movie was good in bits & pieces.


  3. I feel the entire movie is pathetic. No strong scenes. Love chemistry b/w hero & Sonia Agarwal sucks. Just like that Malavika gives 20 lakhs, 50 lakhs to the hero and worst-of-all just like that she gives a ‘luxury’ trip to Australia to the hero, along with 5 of his friends….One thing is totally missing….LOGIC.

    Some megaserial music director would have come up with a better score in the background than Bharadwaj. Credit must be given to Jeevan for doing his role perfectly. Locations & Cinematography are worth a mention.

    Come on LG, how on the earth would you compare such a illogical screenplay like this to that of Bhagyaraj’s??


  4. I can’t understand how you could give such a mega-giga hype to such a mediocre film!
    It was one of the most pathetic movies I have watched in recent times.
    No solid story,no basis for the hero to fall in love ,the heroine’s voice sounding as if it was a 6 yr old speaking when she had a bad cold!
    Vivek seems to be trying too hard to make it seem that his comedy is entertaining,but he fails miserably!
    Sincere suggestion Lazy..Go back n watch a Nayagan or Thalapathy,then come back n watch this.Then write your review n compare.


  5. //”Vairamuthu is still lively.” or something similar.//

    Nope. I wanted to say Vairamuthu is still alive only.

    //No LG the comedy was patheic.//

    Cipher Raj, I thought it was good and I actually enjoyed the srilankan tamil of vivek.


  6. //Come on LG, how on the earth would you compare such a illogical screenplay like this to that of Bhagyaraj’s//

    Ramachandran, It was illological at places but then tell me if you weren’t surprised by the twists placed uniformly through out the later half of the movie.


  7. //The comedy track should have been avoided in this movie. Movies of this genre relies solely on the pace.//

    Sankar, Agree but even if you were to be it’s director you would have placed a comedy track to ensure success. and thats the fight for survival.

    we may not buy the sruvival of the fittest argument but thats the harsh truth of kollywood. like a item number a comedy track is needed to make your movie commercially viable. even mani ratnam had some pathetic comedy track for idhyathai thirudaathey.


  8. //I can’t understand how you could give such a mega-giga hype to such a mediocre film!//

    Thala, Itha pathi naan thaan motha line’la solliaachey. i don’t think i’m hyping it rather being very unbiased about it.

    //It was one of the most pathetic movies I have watched in recent times.//

    so how do you rate sudhesi, paramasivam, aadhi, tirupathi when compared to thiruttu payaley. ‘thamizhanukku nalla illanu solla romba easya pochupaa’.


  9. it was as raapi said an extremely mediocre movie…. not kill urselves stuff…. invariably u get the feeling ” glad its over”…. perhaps better off with invisibles like editing adn screenplay…. and the saving grace many a time .. .Vivek is getting insanely repetetive witht the society message and stuf… boring stuff really…


  10. lazy, talking of Idhayathai Thirudaathey’s comedy, yesssssss, it was the track involving Disco Shanthi…it was distasteful and ridiculous and whaz worse, PAINFULLY unfunny…the movie became a blockbuster DESPITE this track…
    whereas Vasanth, whose Nee paathi naan paathi had a number of scenes that yelled “GENIUS” out the screen, couldnt escape unscathed and till date maintains that the miserable comedy of janakaraj and disco in that movie should have been edited out to make NPNP a much better movie.


  11. The ending of the film, kind of crushed me. The last scene of Sonia still waiting was a bit sad! :(….Hope i’m not giving out any spoilers!


  12. This movie is a big beneficiary of SUNTV blackout by Thamizh Film Producers union. Seems like inspite of the summer heat people are in theatre.


  13. well said..

    “so how do you rate sudhesi, paramasivam, aadhi, tirupathi when compared to thiruttu payaley. ‘thamizhanukku nalla illanu solla romba easya pochupaa’. ”

    i like the movie. i enjoyed watching it..


  14. I felt that Malavika should have been given some treatment in the end. Afterall, she was the major culprit who started everything.

    It is as LG said, better than all the latest Vijay, Vijayakanth flicks.

    Let’s welcome some new concepts, even if they are not perfect. Yellarum yengal aalvarpettai andavar madhiri perfectionista irukka mudiyathu.


  15. The idea and concept was new. But the implementation, I felt, could have been a lot better. Malavika and Jeevan were good. I particularly didnt like Vivek in this movie. The Australia part seemed to be okay. But, the chennai scenes were all re-hashes of his previous comedy sequences. It all seemed so predictable and boring even for a big vivek fan like me.


  16. TP is one of the biggest letdowns in recent times and doesn’t deserve a discussion at all.
    I wonder how the silly twists packed in the movie could surprise anyone!(You call this an unbiased review!) And what an innovative approach in the climax!

    Please don’t try to equate this crap with the earlier flicks of Mani Ratnam. Comedy tracks and item numbers can be tolerated only when the main portion carries some sanity.

    Maybe it’s our expectation that kills a movie and may be TP is better than Sudesi et al. But that’s not an excuse at all for a director.
    Can Susi.Ganesan ever become an ‘established hand’? Yes, it’s too early to tell but even the minute hope that I had harboured in this regard has burnt out.


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