16 thoughts on “One more year runs away…

  1. Damn! I really thought that was a post on Rahul Dravid and that the photo on the left was from his 12th Board Exam HallTicket 🙂

  2. Guru, I thought the same and was talking about this to my friends when I saw Sujatha’s foto….

    You are absolutely correct dude

  3. Hi LG,
    This is not related to this post at all.

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  4. I thought it was Nagesh too, then thought may be it was Rahul Dravid in his younger days! Good pics.

  5. Is it just me or do Jim Carrey’s antics resemble Nagesh in his younger days?
    for instance, goofy scenes from Server Sundaram are eerily similar to those in Jim’s movies.

  6. vidya, totally agree with u…i’ve felt the same way @ times…but nagesh had a lot more grace in his execution even when he was being ridiculous!
    was watching ethir neechal recently– what a wonderful balance of comedy and pathos. KB ode characterization classs…

    neways, sorry for going off-topic…

    super pic! yeah, oru madhri resemblance rendu paerukkum…

  7. who are you referring to in the first picture i dont understand sorry

  8. who are you referring to in the first picture i dont understand sorry

  9. very good resemblance. sila vithyasangal: sujatha has a thicker lower lip, wider head, thinner neck.
    I thought the one in the first pic is Dravid’s dad. and yes he does look like Nagesh too.

  10. There are nearly 7 other people who look almost like you. Atleast I was told so by someone whom I do not remember anymore. I have personally met atleast one such person who looked almost like me. It is an eerie feeling, I can tell that. Something like an identity crisis. But would an identical twin have that feeling? Because they would have grown up watching their photocopies always around!

  11. I wont be surprised if they are related. Dravid’s grandpa is a tambram who migrated to the north and served as a priest. The surname Dravid refers to his origin. Mom’s parents onwards, rest are marati

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