Flickr goes Gamma

Flickr just announced that it will go into Gaama after being in Beta for a long long time. Since then the look and feel of Flickr has changed a bit, for better.

And if you are someone using Flickr to host pictures for you blog, you might want to read the Flickr Terms of Service. From today, when you try to grab the img tag of a picture to post on your blog, there is a reminder message below which reads, Remember! Flickr Terms of Service specify that if you post a Flickr photo on an external website, the photo must link back to its photo page. (So, use Option 1.) Hence if you see the previous post, I have given a permalink[#] to the appropriate Flickr photo page.

Books or Blogs ?

* This is probably the most boring post ever written on this blog. So skip it, if you feel like *

The real change in the book market is not the big guy vs. the little guy, or chain vs. indie stores. Rather, it’s the reader’s greater impatience, a symptom of our amazing literary (and televisual) plenitude. In the modern world we are more pressed for time, and we face a greater diversity of cultural choices. It was easy to finish Tolstoy’s War and Peace when there were few other books around and it was hard to find them. Today, finishing it means forgoing many other options at our fingertips. As a result, we tend to consume ideas in smaller bits, a proposition that (in another context) economists labeled the “Alchian and Allen theorem.” Long, serious novels are less culturally central than they were 100 years ago. Blogs are on the rise, and most readers prefer the ones with the shorter posts. Our greater access to books also means that each book has less time to prove itself. A small percentage of the books published account for a large share of the profits, thus setting off a race to track reader demand. Many customers want very recent best-sellers, often so they can feel they are reading something trendy, something other people are talking about. Of course, that’s its own kind of affectationand not an entirely pleasing one.

Did you find yourself relaxed to read that entire paragraph ? Or did you skip few lines and went straight down.

The above paragraph was just a piece from a larger article. First, I wasn’t even comfortable to paste a huge quote because I felt no one would read this entire paragraph. Such is the speed of reading these days. The quote rightly says, how people are more and more interested in consuming smaller bits of information than larger ones.

This is due to the in-famous information overload, being discussed in this blog often. I’ve been munching my thoughts on this info overload for atleast 2 months now. Resistance if futile. I couldn’t resist the information overload. In this speedy world of internet and weblogs and podcasts, books are becoming a heavier by the day. The moment you shut-off from the world and go back to books, you tend to have withdrawal symptoms. By the time one completes half a book, there are a dozen novels to be read, a dozen Mission Impossibles to be watched, handful of blogposts to be written.

At the same time, here is another thought. To write a book, something thats published on wood pulp, takes a long time. The book has to be composed , edited and published. And it takes it’s own time to reach the hands of readers. Someone has to read the book and then write a piece of appraisal on it. Only after this, the author of the book gets the first comments from his readers. Until then, its like waiting political parties waiting for the vote count, a grave silence.

Blogs are from a different leaque. I’m now writing this blogpost. I will post this[even without editing] in the next few minutes. Most probably the first comments could be seen within the first two hours. Sometimes, when books are discussed here, there is a grave silence but that is a different issue. So I as a blogger know the comments for or against will reach this blogpost in the next 2 hours. Whereas imagine if someone wants to write this same stuff in a book. It would take weeks/months for him to get the bouquets or brickbats.

At the same time, Blogs are laudatory and ephemeral. Books stand over time. Sidin Vadakut had written the famous blogpost on single south indian men. That was probably the most famous blogpost ever written. Leave out the war cries on IIPM(which were again ephemeral), they just caused some hot air. Now do you think Sidin’s post will be remembered 5 years from now. But if only it was a book, it would reach out for years to come. That’s just my belief.

May be all the above is just trash. May be we are going through a transformation and blogs are probably the future books. We don’t know, atleast me. Neverthless, this urbanised world is rapidly moving towards something. And its causing a lot of information overload. I have no clue how I would survive the load but I wish I could sit tight and read Dickens’ Pickwick Papers. Donno if I could it. To hell with information.

Ganesh – Vasant strike back !!

sujatha silvia

When I had mailed Sujatha on his birthday, he replied with a news for me. He said there will be a series *ing Ganesh – Vasant, soon on Vikatan. Never knew it will be so soon. I do know he is writing Saagasam Aayiram in Kalki but couldn’t read it since I don’t have a kalki subscription.

Silvia which starts this week has Sujatha’s popular duo, Ganesh and Vasanth. To add spice Sujatha brings back the same Mexico Salavaikaari joke even here and ofcourse as expected he hasn’t revelead it yet. Read the extract.

sujatha ganesh vasanth

Recently, Sujatha hasn’t been writing too much fiction. Infact even the recent series, Irandavathu Kaathal Kathai wasn’t close to Sujatha’s standard. With Silvia, I’m sure he will have enough surprises and suvarasiyam.

Nayan…Nayan…Nayan !!

[Source – Vikatan]

That was Simbhu shouting.

Vikatan reports that Simbhu and Nayanthaara are head-over-heels in love. And Simbhu’s naturally vivacious personality is making him more possesive towards Nayanthaara, resulting in missed film chances and financial hiccups for the Vallavan team. The report also speculates that Simbhu blocked Nayan’s car near Vadapalani Ram theatre and asked forced her to get into it. Thoda !!

Here’s the background. The Overaa Illa kiss generated intial publicity for the Vallavan movie. A year after that, looks like the producers want to get going with the film. The report says the movie is already sold for 8 crores and now the distributors have to get it back. Given a year of delay in releasing the movie, the post-production build-up is quintessential to generate hype. It seems to me that this Simbhu – Nayan love matter is a well staged hype, a marketing effort in boosting Vallavan’s release.

Leave alone all that, here is the punch. Vikatan also reports that Simbu took the entire footage of Vallavan to edit it in his house. We don’t know its true but this is just enough to reduce all the hype surronding the film.