Flickr goes Gamma

Flickr just announced that it will go into Gaama after being in Beta for a long long time. Since then the look and feel of Flickr has changed a bit, for better.

And if you are someone using Flickr to host pictures for you blog, you might want to read the Flickr Terms of Service. From today, when you try to grab the img tag of a picture to post on your blog, there is a reminder message below which reads, Remember! Flickr Terms of Service specify that if you post a Flickr photo on an external website, the photo must link back to its photo page. (So, use Option 1.) Hence if you see the previous post, I have given a permalink[#] to the appropriate Flickr photo page.

One response to “Flickr goes Gamma”

  1. 3signs Avatar

    Guru, Flickr gamma porathu nalla visayam thaan…

    ‘Namma’ (ada romba naala pesuromla) Puthupettai kku UA censor certificate kedachachu….

    Pudupettai will be released on May 26 !!


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