Ganesh – Vasant strike back !!

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When I had mailed Sujatha on his birthday, he replied with a news for me. He said there will be a series *ing Ganesh – Vasant, soon on Vikatan. Never knew it will be so soon. I do know he is writing Saagasam Aayiram in Kalki but couldn’t read it since I don’t have a kalki subscription.

Silvia which starts this week has Sujatha’s popular duo, Ganesh and Vasanth. To add spice Sujatha brings back the same Mexico Salavaikaari joke even here and ofcourse as expected he hasn’t revelead it yet. Read the extract.

sujatha ganesh vasanth

Recently, Sujatha hasn’t been writing too much fiction. Infact even the recent series, Irandavathu Kaathal Kathai wasn’t close to Sujatha’s standard. With Silvia, I’m sure he will have enough surprises and suvarasiyam.

10 thoughts on “Ganesh – Vasant strike back !!

  1. Even we are expecting some real surprises from Sujatha , though the start is mediocre..
    Letz hope Sujatha gives his best…


  2. I agree with you. Sujatha has been recycling his stuff recently. I could not even finish reading Sylvia. It was so mediocre and boring. I cannot bring myself to believe that a person who wrote “Ratham Ore Niram” could write something so lame.


  3. lazy, whats the difference in reaction between the ignorant and the intelligent ?

    “Appadinna ?” endraar Vasanth

    “Appadiyaa !” endraar Ganesh


  4. I feel like the sophistication is unnecassarily stuffed(something like how Kaakha Kaakha was done)…

    Hope it does well


  5. //”Appadinna ?” endraar Vasanth

    “Appadiyaa !” endraar Ganesh//

    keerthi, thats the difference between the ignorant and the intelligent. puriyala ?


  6. Hey, this is just the first episode & there are still lots to come(I’m curiously waiting for the next one)

    Btw,I haven’t read much of sujatha’s work.But now, thanks to “anyindian.com” where I can just order his books online to any of my friends and they bring it with them when they travel to the U.S.Hopefully, very soon I’ll become an ardent fan of sujatha and join this fan’s club.


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