Friday Quickies

If Adam and Eve had been Chinese we’ll all be in Paradise, because they would have ignored the apple and eaten the snake. A heady gag. Who else but Kamal Hassan cracking this during a chat about Mumbai Xpress. A good look at the pic in the link would make you guess a couple of things. Kamal as Avinasi would be a deaf and a wannabe US settler(note the USA emblem on his leather coat as he watches a plane fly high). More…

Hurray !! Just one more month for the Thiruvasakam in Symphony to release. Maestro Illayaraja will come back rocking. More…

Shahrukh ‘stereotyped’ Khan talks about lending his voice to the remake of The Incredibles as Hum Hain Lajawab in Hindi. This is however a great effort. More…

Goodbye Arthur Hailey. While a teenager, I was hugely inspired by his thrillers like Hotel and Wheels than the best selling Airport. We will miss you, forever. More…

International Film Festival of ITFA

Starting tomorrow[Nov 26th], we will have the first competitive film festival in the Pilot Theatre of Chennai being organised by International Tamil Film Academy[ITFA] and the former prime-time giant Seventh Channel. The film festival will have 25 international films showcased for five days.

Some bigges include Together[China], Bread and Tulips[Italy] and Nachbarinnen a.k.a Wanted [Germany]. Read more from Hindu. The synopsis of the german film Nachbarinnen interests me. Could be made in a well planned tamil movie. Am planning to take a spin on the weekend.

Update [26 Nov 2004] – Selected list of the movies in the screening.

Naethu Thanimayila Poachu Yaarum

ellangaathu veesuthey

Naethu Thanimayila Poachu Yaarum Thunailla
Yaaro Vazhi Thunaikku Vandhaal Yaedum Innailla
Ulagathil Edhuvum Thanichu Illaiye
Kuzhalil Raagam Malaril Vaasam Saerndhadhu Poala

Should it because of the mesmerizing flute that drives me crazy ? Should it be because of the human bondage thats revealed so realistically as moving images ? Should it be because of the mood set by the worthy lyrics? Should it be because of the joy-amidst-pain sentiment shared with us ?

Not sure of the specifics but it does something to me. Make me broody, enraptured and transports me to a strange horizon. I’ve fallen in love with this song, again. Thanks to illayaraja and ofcourse Bala.

The Reception Album

Dhanush Aishwarya Reception

If you need a nice peek into the photographs of Dhanush-Aishwarya reception album, here it is at Behind Woods. This one seems to be a huge array of exclusive pics of the reception.

Am not sure how these guys got hold of the album but I am sure this is going to increase the bandwidth extensively. Also the presentation of Behind Woods is very intutive. Way to go and nice job dudes.

Kamal Hassan’s Mumbai Express

Mumbai Express Kamal and Manisha
[Pic :]

After the comical Vasool Raja MBBS, it’s Kamal’s turn to care for a movie for himself. And this formula of one-mass-movie-one-class-movie has been continuing for some time now[except for Panchathanthiram following PKS]. Expectedly, Kamal Hassan pens the story/screenplay and packs bag to board Mumbai Xpress.

Mumbai Express is said to be a family entertainer and will be directed by the veteran Singeetham Sreeenivasa Rao. As remarked by Kamal himself Singeetham and KamalHassan, though generations apart by age, have a great chemistry between them that makes this duo an interesting combo. As Kamal is tight-lipped about the story line, it makes me speculate that the movie could be of the genre of Anbe Sivam where the classy theme was mixed in propotion with the comedy.

When the bi-lingual Mumbai Xpress was announced publicly on his birthday, there weren’t many details to decipher the feel of the movie. Now with Kamal Hassan engaging Manisha Koirala on the lead role and having illayaraja to tune it’s getting a lot clearer. The tamil train will include Nasser, Ramesh Aravind and Pasupathi while the Hindi express will have Om Puri and Mahesh Manjirekar.

Here’s the link to Hindu’s article on this. BTW, who comes to your mind after you see this new makeover of Kamal Hassan ? It reminds me of Bally Sagoo.

UpdateMumbai Xpress Flash teaser here at Kumudam explains all. Kamalhassan sits on the top of a Dharavi hut and talks about the democracy in Mumbai city. Also say his nick name is Mumbai Xpress, original name is Avinashi. Another interesting character, a horse is named as Baazigar. Must Watch.

Another gallery of Mumbai Xpress at India Glitz.