The Reception Album

Dhanush Aishwarya Reception

If you need a nice peek into the photographs of Dhanush-Aishwarya reception album, here it is at Behind Woods. This one seems to be a huge array of exclusive pics of the reception.

Am not sure how these guys got hold of the album but I am sure this is going to increase the bandwidth extensively. Also the presentation of Behind Woods is very intutive. Way to go and nice job dudes.

27 thoughts on “The Reception Album

  1. Ferrari – Selva lost his left eye in an accident. He permanently wears glasses to hide his artificial left eye.

    BTW, does anyone have the wedding video? 😉

  2. Great pics-Rajini’s second daughter is very pretty-looks like the camera hasnt missed her in any of the pics 🙂 Any idea who the elderly gentleman in the wheelchair was?Nice to see Raghavendra young as ever.
    Didnt Sridevi(of yesteryears) show up? The young Sridevi is also cute.Yeah, Kamal Missing in action.
    Oh ..I didnt know Selvaraghavan lost an eye..I used to make fun of him whenever he showed up with sunglasses in all his interviews..thx for the info.

  3. yea, LG. i saw manmadhan. i thought manmadhan was actually good for a change. although the ending could have been a lot better, but after a while i thing I got used to the ending, it was the best way to end it. and that enn assai mythiliye, jyothika was superb, that dance was awesome. other than that, i thought goundamani comedy was less, but it was nice to see him with his nakkal comedy.

  4. I checked out Behind Woods.. Cool Site.. Huh.. did you guys check out the ‘Meena snap’ in the “Marriage Album”.. Huh.. Kallakara Kannalagi….

  5. S.Ve.Shekar wearing a funky Hawaian Shirt to the wedding reception?!LOL!!Goes to show that his dress sense is even more comic than his dialogue delivery 🙂

  6. Did anyone notice a coy Sonia Agarwal in the background?Looks a million bucks, that gorgeous babe! Selva nee koduthuvechavanda!:-)

  7. Hey LG,

    Can you check if your blog opens up using Firefox,coz it doesnt open up if I use it.


  8. Cool pics… I just noticed that this site behindwoods also carries a report about Kamal’s next movie, apparently a remake of some Spanish movie…

    Just wondering if any of you’ve heard about this… any idea, Lazy???

    It would be great to see Kamal’s version of a sci-fi comedy/thriller…

    Looking forward to hear more about this…

  9. Heard some rumours about Mani’s next film w/ Kamal!
    First it was Prasanna, next Vijay, but I seriously hope the 3rd rumour’s true! 🙂

  10. saya suka danush sebab dia handsome.tapi saya lagi suka akan tarian yang danush persembahkan.

  11. Manmadhan the movie is fantastic eventhogh there was a little bit errors. Simbhu’s comedy is superb.It just another fine piece of tamil movie with a bit hollywood style. The ending p[art was unexpectable by viewers but it still really execellent. Good luck 4 LITTLE SUPER STAR……

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