Naethu Thanimayila Poachu Yaarum

ellangaathu veesuthey

Naethu Thanimayila Poachu Yaarum Thunailla
Yaaro Vazhi Thunaikku Vandhaal Yaedum Innailla
Ulagathil Edhuvum Thanichu Illaiye
Kuzhalil Raagam Malaril Vaasam Saerndhadhu Poala

Should it because of the mesmerizing flute that drives me crazy ? Should it be because of the human bondage thats revealed so realistically as moving images ? Should it be because of the mood set by the worthy lyrics? Should it be because of the joy-amidst-pain sentiment shared with us ?

Not sure of the specifics but it does something to me. Make me broody, enraptured and transports me to a strange horizon. I’ve fallen in love with this song, again. Thanks to illayaraja and ofcourse Bala.

10 responses to “Naethu Thanimayila Poachu Yaarum”

  1. ram Avatar

    Bala, like his mentor Balu Mahendra, is an expert at picturizing songs where there is no real choreography…just simple ‘scenes’ against the backdrop of melodious tunes…
    Bala with “Maalai En Vedhanai,” “Mun Paniyaa” and this one is on the same level as Balu Mahendra whose “Poongatru Pudhiraanadhu,” “Kanne Kalaimaaney” and “Raja Raja Chozhan Naan” lent a new dimension to song picturizations…


  2. F e r r a r i Avatar
    F e r r a r i

    Aaaha..arumayaana paattu. I liked the song from nandha(‘mun paniya’) as well!

    Melliya sogam izhaiyodum arumayaana paadalgaL


  3. prem Avatar

    there is also another part in tht song which goes
    ” thaalaattu kaettidaamalae,
    thaayin madiya thaedi oadum
    malai nari poalae…….”

    i dunno y .. byt everytime i hear this song (esp this part) its gives some sort of goosebumps …weird but nice feeling.

    also, i prefer the solo version of the song sung by Sriram Parthasarathy rather than d duet with shreya ghosal .. i feel tht d solo version had more impact than d duet.

    juz my few cents …


  4. Keerthivasan Avatar

    there is also a bit song sung by illayaraja himself..”Yaaradhu Yaaradhu !!” .. im not sure if it is on MP3 or cassette. But thats one beautiful song, on the same beat of elangaathu .(this song is playbacked when Surya and Vikram are both in jail.)


  5. i_f Avatar

    lazy-pondaati thirumbi oorukku poyirukaangala 🙂


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Haa haa.!!! Whoever it is, who has left the previous comment, thanks for that. You have been following this blog so closely. But unfortunately, this time it isn’t true. Just that I caught the song a couple of times on the SCV and got myself in awe. Thanks anyway. BTW, whos that !!

    Keerthivasan, That short song was a little artficial. Kind of an inserted song. but i am sure the reason you liked it must be the sadness it conveys.

    Prem – Am with you.

    Prabhu thaliva, enna romba officela thookama. sounding very sleepy.

    Ram – Perfect analysis. Except that I couldn’t have mun paniya in that list. it also sounded a little artificial in picturisation.


  7. Ravi Avatar

    Guru…its 10.45pm and my brain is sozzled. Hence, can’t read/interpret the lyrics written by you. All I know is that I want to come back home, double quick, and listen to my fav. Tamil songs. Ab bas, saturation point ho gaya, with these Hindi numbers here in Delhi. 😉


  8. i_f Avatar

    lazy good that i made u laugh
    sometimes u sounds so damn serious in ur posts 🙂

    me – just an avid reader of ur blog
    came here when i googled for info on ayutha ezhuthu prior to release & hooked on from then

    have agreed/disagreed contemplated on the various stuff u hv posted – but normally dont leave comments…
    refreshing blog u got here
    keep it going


  9. Ajay Avatar

    Among the songs of last year, the one that’s really soothing and “wanna-hear-again” is this one u mentioned LG… Wow! what a song..!


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