Friday Quickies

If Adam and Eve had been Chinese we’ll all be in Paradise, because they would have ignored the apple and eaten the snake. A heady gag. Who else but Kamal Hassan cracking this during a chat about Mumbai Xpress. A good look at the pic in the link would make you guess a couple of things. Kamal as Avinasi would be a deaf and a wannabe US settler(note the USA emblem on his leather coat as he watches a plane fly high). More…

Hurray !! Just one more month for the Thiruvasakam in Symphony to release. Maestro Illayaraja will come back rocking. More…

Shahrukh ‘stereotyped’ Khan talks about lending his voice to the remake of The Incredibles as Hum Hain Lajawab in Hindi. This is however a great effort. More…

Goodbye Arthur Hailey. While a teenager, I was hugely inspired by his thrillers like Hotel and Wheels than the best selling Airport. We will miss you, forever. More…

5 responses to “Friday Quickies”

  1. F e r r a r i Avatar
    F e r r a r i

    A big pat on my back. Remember? I commented about kamal being deaf after looking at the snap?

    Arthur Hailey 😦
    I liked his Airport a lot. If my memory doesnt fail, I think one nerve wreck carries a detonator on flight. And one flight stuck in a huge runway etc etc. That was a good book


  2. Manoj Avatar

    Immediately after reading today’s Hindu,i expected this blog msg to come up.Though Kamal’s efforts doesn’t interest me a bit,it’s Raja who made this morning great
    ‘It may be that i will never have to be born again’
    The legend moved me a lot with his dedication and love for his work.


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Manoj, Thanks for that guess. I am sure we can’t this effort of Kamal may not be compared with the thiruvsagam stuff. But did you notice the regard Kamal has for illayaraja in the same interview. He says, none of rajakamal pictures will go without illayaraja with an exception of Nala Damayanthi.

    I am very positive about the response this TIS (thiru in symp) is going to get. After all we have just only one illayraja around.


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