Thoorathil Therium Velicham Paathaikku Sondhamillai

Thoorathil Therium Velicham
Paathaikku Sondhamillai
Minnalin Ooliyai Pidikka
Minmini Poochikku Theriyavillai

Vizhi Unakku Sondhamadi
Vethanaigal Ennakku Sondhamadi
Alai Kadalai Kadanthapinney
Nuraigal Mattum Karaikkey Sondhamadi

Puyaladithaal Malai Irukkum
Marangalum Pookalum Maraindhu Vidum
Sirippu Varum Azhugai Varum
Kaathalil Irandumey Kalandhu Varum

If Kanaa Kaanum Kalangal was touchy, this Kan Pesum Varthaigal grips. Na. Muthukumar, the lyricist and Singer Karthik need special mention. The picturisation isn’t all that avid but this song would stay in your heart for a long time. Reason ? An emotion called pain. And this one carries sheer pain.

1 day, 14000 weddings and chaos unlimited

Except NDTV, there weren’t too much hungama on any other media network about the 14000 weddings that happened yesterday in Delhi. NDTVs report on the weddings gave an insight about the kind of chaos, Delhi went through yesterday.

Yesterday was supposed to be the most auspicious day of the year, add to it, the most chaotic too. The images of crowd, traffic was mind blowing. And if only it was in Chennai, the traffic would have come to nearly a halt. Looks like the price hike of mandapams, flower, music bands, ghoda and even pudits, were at an all-time high. Imagine the money flow. A average spending of 10 lakhs a marriage would mount up close to a huge 1400 crores. If this was the statistics just in Delhi, imagine the whole of India. Big Fat Indian Wedding. Read more here.

Been down for the last

Been down for the last couple of days with a viral fever. It’s not just me but a good number of Chennaites who share this virus along with me[Per doctor, it wasn’t a viral fever. just a fever, whatever]. Also thanks to my nice eating habits in any roadside shop of Chennai. That noble habit is under tight scrutiny at home and I nearly swore on camphor that I would avoid (note- avoid, not stop) eating elsewhere.

For all these years, eating on Saravana/Kaiyendhi Bhavans has made me immune to most of the quick spreading germs. A few months of good home food kicked out the immunity and I am now a welcoming victim for all these germs. Enough. To cut the long story short, if you are at Chennai, the best way to protect yourself is to eat anywhere without looking for any hygiene. Within couple of months, I assure, you are Mr. Immune.

So the whole of the weekend, I’ve been at home. This is the only week I’ve been completely at home. And when you have nothing to do except books and the television it is so cool. Watched television to my glory yesterday. Not just the usual kollywood stuff but some good ones like the Biography of Sidney Sheldon, a documentary on the man behind Bram Stoker‘s Dracula in the History Channel and ofcourse Steve Ballmer‘s visit to India in CNBC. Also did watch one of MGR’s initial hits called Mahadevi and was zapped by the production values and the screenplay.

This morning the fever was again peaking and a very close friend who has come down from Canada was here to invite me for his marriage. A few hours of chatting got us nostalgic and we happily shared those days of filled with a plethora of emotions. Especially biking around Chennai even during the floods, the long evenings which we spent talking all kinds of stuff at the Drive-In Woodlands and even the toughest of events that we just laughed out.

Just after he left, I realized, the fever gone. Poye Pochu !!

Three Rupees Doctor

three rupees doctor with the villagers
[Pic :]

Pugazhendhi[not the Arjun of Mudhalvan]. As the name goes, this Gold Medalist from the Madurai Medical College, has bagged infinite wishes from the villages in and around Kalpakkam. Has been servicing the village people for just Rs.3 a consultation.

Fourteen years back, after his passout from the medical college, when his scientist friends persuaded him to come over to Kalpakkam, he setup his first hospital in a remote village called Sathurangapattinam. People from in around that area intially misunderstood him to be duplicate doc. As time rolled over, his fair intentions became clearer and he is now lovably nicknamed as the Three Rupees Doctor. Still single and away from his family, he makes a mediocre living by selling medicine to the villagers at a nominal profit.

In his upstanding interview to Ananda Vikatan, Pugazhendhi attributes his college professors for guiding him to this noble service. He also remarks about the training he gives to the unemployed youth, empowering them to setup clinics at the villages nearby. This idea, at a first glance seemed like an illegal act. He could rather convince his fellow doctors who are busy in the metros to join him in the villages. Because this training-a-youth-as-a-doctor should never have a reverse effect on the diseased. Then, Pugazhendhi’s noble ideas would be dubbed otherway. Thanks to the current media which can transform a mouse into an elephant[or paen into perumal as in tamil].

Reading this article in today’s Vikatan, I was prompted to blog about this. Not just that. Incidentally due to my viral fever, I was at a local hospital, few hours back. While they charged me a half hundred for the consultation, the prescribed medicines amounted few more hundreds. Imagine the cost of setting right a a chronic disease. Pretty costly. Just like everyone, I only hope we have many more such examples. This dude Pugazhendhi, certainly needs to be be celebrated and encouraged.

Swades website up!!

Javed Aktar, AR Rahman and Ashutosh

Set in modern day India, Swades is a film that tackles the issues facing the citizens of this nation on a grass roots level, says the Swades website. To add more, what begins as a simple mission prompted by nostalgia and affection turns into a journey into the heartland of rural India, both literally and metaphorically. The site is designed intuitively and loaded with tons of wallpapers and stills. This pic of A R Rahman with Ashutosh and Javed Aktar seemed interesting.

The first line of the site reads, From the Writer & Director of the Academy Award Nominated ‘Lagaan’. Though I have reservations about sending Indian movies to the Oscars, this one was quite heartening to see.