Thoorathil Therium Velicham Paathaikku Sondhamillai

Thoorathil Therium Velicham
Paathaikku Sondhamillai
Minnalin Ooliyai Pidikka
Minmini Poochikku Theriyavillai

Vizhi Unakku Sondhamadi
Vethanaigal Ennakku Sondhamadi
Alai Kadalai Kadanthapinney
Nuraigal Mattum Karaikkey Sondhamadi

Puyaladithaal Malai Irukkum
Marangalum Pookalum Maraindhu Vidum
Sirippu Varum Azhugai Varum
Kaathalil Irandumey Kalandhu Varum

If Kanaa Kaanum Kalangal was touchy, this Kan Pesum Varthaigal grips. Na. Muthukumar, the lyricist and Singer Karthik need special mention. The picturisation isn’t all that avid but this song would stay in your heart for a long time. Reason ? An emotion called pain. And this one carries sheer pain.

27 thoughts on “Thoorathil Therium Velicham Paathaikku Sondhamillai

    It indeed sounds better upon devoting some time towards the lyrics..Great song..Thanx LG for pointing it out.


  2. I’m a music pirate trying to reform :p
    Is there any service like Apple’s I tune store for Tamil songs? Soundbuzz.com has some old Hindi songs only but the price looks reasonable.


  3. :).. Sogamana Sirippukku edhavadhu Icon irukka?… its sort of sadistically incredible to note that there most people have, at some time or the other, have gone thro similar pain & emotions. “An emotion called Pain & this one carries Sheer Pain”…. What a sentence!


  4. Amazing song lazy. Thanks for reminding.

    Lyrics are top class. Wasnt this guy the one who penned ‘ennai thaalaata varuvaaLa’ from Kaadhalukku Mariyaadhai?


  5. Thats a great song Lazy… i have listened to that at least 500 times in the last 2 weeks. The reason as you said is the pain, which everyone might have undergone. Muthukumar has brought out it out in an amazing way!


  6. Raapi – True, the more you listen to it, the music subsides and the lyrics start resonating.

    Maran – Looks like there are no official sites up for Tamil iTunes. Hats off from taking off from Piracy.

    Thanks Spidey. Interesting link about BLOG. Worthy.


  7. Latha – I know why you say that. We all agree that pain is unbearable and there is no one who escapes it. Like love it’s universal.

    Ferrari, Right. Remember Chellamai Chellam from Album. Same guy.

    Chakra – Thanks.

    Manoj – Actually there is a real reason for not writing it. However, I’m convinced that I will write about it now. Thanks for persuading.


  8. Hi Geek,

    Lyrics in TAMIL FONT Please…. Told / requested so many times. .gif file for few days and you can remove that from Db or archive it to save your precious space. Hope you will do it soon.



  9. lazy

    i zimbly love the song but
    i have been listening to it on the headphones
    the last couple of times
    the lyrics and the music kept me coming back
    but check out karthik
    his voice almost seems flat throughout the song
    i wld say its more the lyrics that give it the highs and the lows

    i think karthik has a good voice
    but maybe because he is so young or whatever his voice does not carry the emotions
    is there any other song of his that is high on emotions where you can say he has contributed majorly?


  10. This actually reminded me of the classic “Kanaa Kaanum Kanngall” in K. Balachander’s “Agni Saakshi.” Its a mesmerizing lullaby…does that tickle your memory cells, folks?


  11. I_F, How about Ooliyile from Azhagi.

    Ram, Kanaa Kaanum Kangall Mella, Urangatho Paadal Solla is one of all time fav. Not just for SPB but the whole song is evergreen.


  12. “is there any other song of his that is high on emotions where you can say he has contributed majorly?”

    yenna neenga? Karthik songs yelaam kaettu irukeengalaa? first of all, i dont agree with your comment about karthik’s voice being flat in this song.I think he has sung it great. and abt the other songs high on emotions

    ‘Sakthi Kodu’ from Baba onne pothume !!!


  13. off d note … juz wonderin’ if u guys
    notice a lil’ similarity btw this song
    and “Anjaade Jeeva” from d movie Jodi.

    heard both songs several times and felt
    tht d opening in “Kan Pesum Varthaigal”
    was some what same as d song frm Jodi.

    juz my few cents ..



  14. Hey who said karthiks voicez flat.he sound great and i think the songs a hit jus b’cause of his voice.hez great!


  15. hi,
    karthik’s voice is extrmely great.his songs are just hit because of his cute voics.his playfull face adds him


  16. Hi everybody,

    I’m searching some fans of Karthik (the singer) in France. If you live Paris, contact me please.
    If anyone have his e-mail id or his postal address, can you e-mail please ?
    I love all the songs of Karthik, he’s the best singer in the world.
    Thanks for the answers.



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