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Mira Nair recaptures the

Mira Nair recaptures the comedy of Munnabhai MBBS in English as Gangsta MD. Did someone believe Munnabhai MBBS had the script value to reach high places ? It happens.

‘Blog’ – Word of the year as per Merriam-Webster Inc. Blog was one of the most looked-up words on its Internet sites this year. We bloggers would love it. Why not. [via Spidey].

Wal-Mart has 460 terabytes of data stored on Teradata mainframes. Imagine the data mining possibilities. The Internet has less than half as much data as this. Phew !! [via S.Anand]

9 thoughts on “Mira Nair recaptures the

  1. Any guesses on Hollywood equivalent of our local Sunil Bhai? I thought Munnabhai itself was a LIFT from Patch Adams and now we have a recycle of already recycled-bin !!!


  2. I agree with Venkat.. Patch Adams->Munnabhai ->Gangsta MD sounds wierd…The funniest thing is that in the title of the movie Rajkumar Hirani writes *Original Story* RajKumar Hirani…. why doesnt he mention that he is inspired by
    Patch Adams !!!

    This reminds me of a funny thing happened in Kollywood. They remade Mannan in Telugu with Chiranjevi as the hero.. and they dubbed back the Telugu version in Tamil..prolly for the rain dances 😛 !!


  3. patch adams and munnabhai mbbs- no parallels between them.

    both great movies in their own right but no tey are not similar. patch adams a medical genius who knows what he is doing and practiced a different kind of medicine – he gets a medical degree at the end dammit.

    munnabhai is a charlatan and knows nothing of medicine.

    now please quit comparing patch adams and munnabhai.

    and yeah munna will do great as gangsta MD


  4. LG..
    When I was watching CNN’s primtime news saying that “Blog” was the most searched word…I remembered stumbling upon ur site last year and was looking in m-w.com the meaning for “blog”.
    Times change! 🙂


  5. adipex The chief merit of language is clearness, and we know that nothing detracts so much from this as do unfamiliar terms.


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