Three Rupees Doctor

three rupees doctor with the villagers
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Pugazhendhi[not the Arjun of Mudhalvan]. As the name goes, this Gold Medalist from the Madurai Medical College, has bagged infinite wishes from the villages in and around Kalpakkam. Has been servicing the village people for just Rs.3 a consultation.

Fourteen years back, after his passout from the medical college, when his scientist friends persuaded him to come over to Kalpakkam, he setup his first hospital in a remote village called Sathurangapattinam. People from in around that area intially misunderstood him to be duplicate doc. As time rolled over, his fair intentions became clearer and he is now lovably nicknamed as the Three Rupees Doctor. Still single and away from his family, he makes a mediocre living by selling medicine to the villagers at a nominal profit.

In his upstanding interview to Ananda Vikatan, Pugazhendhi attributes his college professors for guiding him to this noble service. He also remarks about the training he gives to the unemployed youth, empowering them to setup clinics at the villages nearby. This idea, at a first glance seemed like an illegal act. He could rather convince his fellow doctors who are busy in the metros to join him in the villages. Because this training-a-youth-as-a-doctor should never have a reverse effect on the diseased. Then, Pugazhendhi’s noble ideas would be dubbed otherway. Thanks to the current media which can transform a mouse into an elephant[or paen into perumal as in tamil].

Reading this article in today’s Vikatan, I was prompted to blog about this. Not just that. Incidentally due to my viral fever, I was at a local hospital, few hours back. While they charged me a half hundred for the consultation, the prescribed medicines amounted few more hundreds. Imagine the cost of setting right a a chronic disease. Pretty costly. Just like everyone, I only hope we have many more such examples. This dude Pugazhendhi, certainly needs to be be celebrated and encouraged.

10 responses to “Three Rupees Doctor”

  1. Keerthivasan Avatar

    yes.. i was impressed on reading this article on Vikatan.

    All of us on our schools think that, we ,unlike others ,will be loyal to this country. But once we start earning, we sit around and share our genius in how to avoid tax. We always think at childhood, that we would do something good to this nation. We never get a chance to execute..

    Of course the doctor requires a round of applause. I think only these kind of people should be recognized for awards, and not just actors and politicians.


  2. Keerthivasan Avatar

    and hey, Vikatan also has said that Kamals character on Mumbai Express was a Bike Rider on the Circus (or wherever..)


  3. Ravi Avatar

    Good to know about this. More of such people needs to be brought into limelight to encourage such acts of kindness.
    Thanks to Vikatan for writing about this and yourself for referring to it.



  4. Manoj Avatar

    Pughazendhi deserves a round of applause,its great on the part of Vikatan to write about such people rather that wasting pages on..some idiotic stuff.Thanks Lazy, to point out that article,i wouldn’t have noticed that article,if it wasn’t in your blog.


  5. F e r r a r i Avatar
    F e r r a r i

    Indha maadhiri aaLunga irukaradhunaala dhaan naatula innum mazhai peyudhu. I think people like us should support their cause. Does he accept donations? Is there any info on that?


  6. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Keerthivasan, Did read that in vikatan. Kamal is a bike driver in a marana kinaru. that should probably be a circus.

    Thanks Ravi and Manoj. It was like a reders digest story and I thought it deserved a post.

    Ferarri, probably someone kalpakkam should help us with that info. no info at vikatan.


  7. Angaiyarkanni Avatar

    the article abt 3 RS Doctor is too good, really Hats off to Puzhal, he is doing a great job! people (doctors) like him are the rarest kind, Good Job Puzhal, keep it up!!!

    A request: can we have the contact number or address of puzhal?


  8. vasathi Avatar

    THis is really touching


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