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NBC Olympics rocks !!

Have been watching Olympics over cable but created in combination with MSN has been a great source of live olympics content. NBCOlympics site which is powered by Silverlight has amazing video quality. I watched the Federer match over the web and it had some breathtaking camera shots combined with the great presentation by the NBC Studios.

The best part of the whole presentation is that, when you watch a live video feed on this site, you have the option of watching 4 different events side-by-side.

For the ones who missed the spectacle on the opening day, you can watch it on this site. Who else can create a grandeur like that except a moviemaker. If you did not know, the creator of this gala spectacle was Yimou Zhang, the director of Hero and House of Flying Daggers. It was a breathtaking effort and he pulled it off successfully.


Vijay batting a new role

kuruvi vijay

Do you know Dr.Vijay(yes, he got awarded a doctor degree while you were busy working to get your next paycheck)is becoming the star ambassador of Chennai Super Kings Team headed by Dhoni (why is he not a Dr. yet?) himself.

From Hindu

“Being from Chennai, I wanted to support my team,” said Vijay, who will be involved in promotional events for the Super Kings. “I’ve always liked cricket, and in the last few years I’ve started watching more of it. I’m very proud that we have [M.S.] Dhoni, who is a strong leader, to captain our team.”

Super Kings Brand Ambassador and Former India captain Krishnamachari Srikkanth said Vijay would draw youngsters to the tournament. Asked if cricket needed the prop of cinema to lean on, Mr. Srikkanth said, “This is about the Chennai Super Kings, about kings in every field. And we have the Super King of Kollywood with us in Vijay.”

This proves why Pepsi and Coke go with cricketers and movie stars all the time. Because they go well with each other. I wonder if Kolkatta team will have Mithun as the their star ambassador.

I personally like India Cements owing the Chennai Super Kings. My college, Guru Nanak College is the home ground of India Cements team and I’m happy all the machis and chicks of Guru Nakak will get to see the stars practising everyday like we did those days.

Two things. One, Why Chennai Super Kings ? Why not Filter Kings ?. Two, if you didn’t know this already, the star ambassadoress(!?) for Chennai Super Kings is the latest action queen of kollywood, Nayanthara.


Thiramai Por – Indian Premier League Ad

Though the ad was clearly hyped and totally cliched, I still liked it for the lyrics and animation. Especially the tamil version of this named as, திறமைப் போர் was terrific. Any idea which Ad agency made this one? Some commented on the youtube page that it was made by Piyush Pandey of Ogilvy and Mather.

Couldn’t find the Tamil version of the ad on Youtube but a pretty timely ad for the cricket-hungry countrymen.


And again…

4-1. The robot playing with the name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni did the magic. Looking like Anniyan Vikram, this guy is certainly a robot. I haven’t seen such effortless sixers since Robin Singh. Every single minute of the last hour was so exciting.

And Yuvraj is becoming a sort of Michael Bevan, a run machine. Just that he doesn’t come in as 7th down.

P.S – While Dravid would be the most happiest person now, he should think about not throwing his wicket with such bad shots.