Vijay batting a new role

kuruvi vijay

Do you know Dr.Vijay(yes, he got awarded a doctor degree while you were busy working to get your next paycheck)is becoming the star ambassador of Chennai Super Kings Team headed by Dhoni (why is he not a Dr. yet?) himself.

From Hindu

“Being from Chennai, I wanted to support my team,” said Vijay, who will be involved in promotional events for the Super Kings. “I’ve always liked cricket, and in the last few years I’ve started watching more of it. I’m very proud that we have [M.S.] Dhoni, who is a strong leader, to captain our team.”

Super Kings Brand Ambassador and Former India captain Krishnamachari Srikkanth said Vijay would draw youngsters to the tournament. Asked if cricket needed the prop of cinema to lean on, Mr. Srikkanth said, “This is about the Chennai Super Kings, about kings in every field. And we have the Super King of Kollywood with us in Vijay.”

This proves why Pepsi and Coke go with cricketers and movie stars all the time. Because they go well with each other. I wonder if Kolkatta team will have Mithun as the their star ambassador.

I personally like India Cements owing the Chennai Super Kings. My college, Guru Nanak College is the home ground of India Cements team and I’m happy all the machis and chicks of Guru Nakak will get to see the stars practising everyday like we did those days.

Two things. One, Why Chennai Super Kings ? Why not Filter Kings ?. Two, if you didn’t know this already, the star ambassadoress(!?) for Chennai Super Kings is the latest action queen of kollywood, Nayanthara.

5 responses to “Vijay batting a new role”

  1. vijaya Avatar

    hey lazy, did you know Srikanth’s son is in the chennai superkings team. I saw him bat once, am wondering how he got in 🙂


  2. Vignesh Avatar

    Hi LG,

    BTW I remember reading in one issue of vannathirai / cinekoothu that the Doctorate for Dr. Vijay was revoked after protests from Dr. Ramadoss…

    Confirm on the same…


  3. Maverick Avatar

    Nayanthara and Vijay as brand ambassadors aa? Vijay is the kind of guy who hardly opens up in public functions or talks freely. He might be of some use to do a few ads. Otherwise, I don’t see what he can do on the ground.

    “Anna, nalla aadunganna. summa gilli maadhiri thookanumnganna. varatumaa naa” ????

    Nayantara – I dont mind seeing her dancing as one of the cheergirls for every boundary or a six. aana yenna, namma aalunga match-a vittutu, idha paaka kootam serndhuvaanga.


  4. Shravan Avatar

    On the 15th line it must be owning… not owing!! lolz!! chillax!! dude check out my blog and i would definitely love to see your esteemed comment!!


  5. Robin Avatar

    ‘Super’ because.. all the three brands of India Cements has Super in it.. Sankar Super Power, Coromandel Super Power and Raasi Super Power..

    Thank God they did not keep the name of the team as ‘Chennai Super Powers’.. 🙂


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