And again…

4-1. The robot playing with the name of Mahendra Singh Dhoni did the magic. Looking like Anniyan Vikram, this guy is certainly a robot. I haven’t seen such effortless sixers since Robin Singh. Every single minute of the last hour was so exciting.

And Yuvraj is becoming a sort of Michael Bevan, a run machine. Just that he doesn’t come in as 7th down.

P.S – While Dravid would be the most happiest person now, he should think about not throwing his wicket with such bad shots.

18 responses to “And again…”

  1. Amazing game that was. Was watching sitting still in my chair till the 41st over. And then was standing till the end of the game. That was the effect. I am not tired with all the shouting and jumping… but I am still dazed after watching Dhoni’s act! Check my post about the match at my blog.


  2. Dravid’s shot looked like he was very tired and at that point it was better he gave way for the hard hitting Dhoni.

    Raina also has a good cricketing acumen. If India can improve its bowling, surely we would be a force to reckon with in 2007 world cup


  3. As much as I hate to say this, WC2007 is going to a slugfest on those lifeless Caribbean wickets. India needs to keeping focussing on amassing huge scores to have a realistic chance. Let the tonkers continue.


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  5. agreed dhoni played quite well but points to remember are that it is a flat track with no quality opposition.
    against the SA’s in home pitches itself he came up a cropper.
    so before we talk things like “dhonifying career” etc, let’s wait and watch for him to prove himself !
    let not the media get carried away by hyping him too much, especially that slimes of india


  6. yeah Guru! that was a gr8 innings..
    esp for 2 balls of sami which were same (and not hittable by any standards) he had 2 sixes in either side of the pitch..
    if he is in such a form(robot as u rightly say) world cup’07 will come to India..


  7. i hope Australia made a comment “we consider Pakistan as a serious threat”..but after watching that match i hope they would definitely rework on that thought ..this Game definitely had proved that we can shuffle our batsman well..and Ganguly’s chances of getting into the team again is almost over..since we already have a bunch of young lions waiting for a chance to roar ..