Thiramai Por – Indian Premier League Ad

Though the ad was clearly hyped and totally cliched, I still liked it for the lyrics and animation. Especially the tamil version of this named as, திறமைப் போர் was terrific. Any idea which Ad agency made this one? Some commented on the youtube page that it was made by Piyush Pandey of Ogilvy and Mather.

Couldn’t find the Tamil version of the ad on Youtube but a pretty timely ad for the cricket-hungry countrymen.

5 thoughts on “Thiramai Por – Indian Premier League Ad

  1. Ogilvy and Mather is the agency ; tamizh version penned by Ramki a.k.a Ramakrishnan from Mumbai – a tamizh writer for advt films(not to be confused with S. Ramakrishnan)


  2. Thanks Sriram. That was a good fine. Apporva Sagotharargal’s deleted song is certainly a find, especially after 15+ yrs 🙂

    Balaji, Haven’t found the tamil version on you tube.


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