Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory

Aararai Kodi Paerkalil Oruvan
Adiyen Thamizhan Naan Ungal Nanban
Aana Neengal Aavanna Naan Thaan
Neengal Illamal, Naan Ingu Illai…..Illai

Naam Iruvarum Saerum Samayam
Nam Kaikaliley Varum Imayam
Naam Thottathu Ethuvum Amayum
Ithu Anbaal Innaindha Idhayam

Remember these lines from Rahman’s Anbe Aaruyirey. He is getting to what he has been promising for a long-time now.

A R Rahman kick starts his KM Music Conservatory, an organization that teaches music in Chennai. It’s an appreciable effort and I hope they keep proceeding as planned. Looks like it is a joint venture with Audio Media Education which is the first Apple authorized training centre.

This is what he had to say about this organization, “There are 1.4 billion people in India and thousands of musicians but there is no symphony orchestra with our very own musicians while even smaller countries have their own orchestra. So, the reason to start the KM Conservatory is simple. Most of the young aspiring musicians want to learn more of electronic stuff. Acoustic instruments are of no interest to them. We want to start a course where students learn acoustic instruments as well as electronic instruments. It is important to raise awareness about different kinds of music,” he continues. ”

Giving back to the society is such a noble motive but I only hope the naturally talented guys get selected instead of just the rich kids. BTW what does KM mean ?

15 responses to “Rahman’s KM Music Conservatory”

  1. F e r r a r i Avatar
    F e r r a r i

    KM is his personal label, and it is the short form of something religious.


  2. spottive Avatar

    KM => Khwaja Mohammad => He is a Sufi Saint


  3. manju Avatar

    I guess KM means Kwaja Moinuddin… He is a spiritual saint, whom ARR follows. ARR himself has told that the letters KM are spiritual and have bought good luck to him.


  4. manju Avatar

    I guess KM means Khwaja Moinuddin Chrishty… He was a spiritual saint, whom ARR follows. ARR himself has told that the letters KM are very spiritual, and bring good luck to him.


  5. F e r r a r i Avatar
    F e r r a r i

    Khwaja Moinuddin (Of Chisti) is the full form of KM. Thanks to Gopal for the info!


  6. Krishna Shankar Avatar
    Krishna Shankar

    K in KM could be for Kareema Begum his mother


  7. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Hmm. so it was Khwaja Moinuddin. Thanks guys.


  8. Rathnavel Avatar

    I am still awaiting him to keep up his biggest promise – An Album of Bharathiyar Songs…Cant stop of thinking the revolutionary combo of Bharathiyar and ARR


  9. merlin Avatar

    Dear Rehman,
    I’v been searching the net for details of your music label. Havent been fruitful yet. Do advise.
    I am a pianist and composer. have bn involved wt composing arranging producing all genres of music for last 15 years.
    Albums,ads, theatre productions..and film music too. However my greatest love …remains..live performances.
    I have recently completed my Album ..its fusion…All tracks are 80% Instrumental.
    On the album I have collabarated with Rakesh C. Taufiq Q. Ulhas Bapat..among others.
    I also just completed my video..
    Do advise me on how to take this further. Will your company be interested in my music.. I sincerely hope..so..
    I can send you the Album/Video too.
    Best wishes, Merlin


  10. bhavya Avatar

    this is bhavya here, i desperately wanted to leran music please send me the details about how to go and apply


  11. B. Ravikumar Singh Avatar
    B. Ravikumar Singh

    I am from Hyderabad- A.P. I need to know the process to learn the audio engineering. Present I do a job of sound recordist. If I also join with u I’ll be ready. Kindly send me the possibilities. Thank U sir.


  12. thouhitha Avatar

    this is wishing u for winning the 2oscars.i prayed allot 4 this.the almighty allah will give every success in ur life .i “Pray for U”rahman uncle.


  13. thouhitha Avatar

    salam to rahman uncle.i wish to become a playback singer first in rahman uncle’s music.hope it will happen &tips to improve my singing is needed.


  14. Santosh Avatar

    Hello rahman sir,
    I wanted to know any of your sites on which i can post my comments and views related to you and also to know more about your KM institute for my daughter.


  15. Russell Avatar

    Vancouver is a great city to go to school. THe audio indistry is great in Vancouver, I went to PAVI, the studio’s there are better than any other school in this area, you should check it out! Money well spent!


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