Friday Quicks !!

Not only Prabhu bought the first CD of Rahman’s Rang De Basanthi but also he probably wrote the first review for it. Ferrari Fast !!

RSS is everywhere. RSStroom Reader. Pretty Funny !! [Via Seth Godin]

Hemanth throws valid questions on the declining standards of Tamil Nadu Politics. I agree with both of them.

The Hindu Prakash Jha’s recommends Apaharan.

Bhaskar Ghose writes a fabulous column on the Kushboo Issue, The right to speak freely.

“Make your bed in the morning, help out in the shop, and read a book a day”. I wish I had to do atleast for a few weeks. Jeremy Micer writes about a great book shop Shakespeare & Co. [Via Uma’s indianwriting].

Here and There

As the year, nears an end, its time for Indibloggies. Indibloggies 2005 is just getting ready. Their new site, has a pretty design. Debashish as Indi Blogger is doing a great job in organising the whole effort. This could be talk of the Indian Blogosphere for the next few weeks, so take a sneak peek.

Manoj of StudentConcepts is arranging for an Himalayan Trek, Heat 2006, to beat the heat of next summer. The email brochure he sent out gives the schedule for this 10 Days / 9 Nights trek will start from Delhi. Seems like a pretty planned one. Check out Student Concepts for more.

Seattle Tamil Sangam is hosting the first ever Carrom Tournament in Seattle area and it happens right next to my house. Its been hosted by the youth board and the president is good friend of mine. Worthy news is that they are arranging some good masala vadais, samosas and ofcourse tea. If you are around, do come along. NO MLM desis allowed !!

Just in case, you missed the first staging of the uproarious Python Hyss…teria by EVAM, its time you get a chance to hurt your bellies. This weekend, they are staging it again, in Chennai. If you are around, you might not want to miss it. Read The Hindu review.

With the rain receding in Chennai, Chennaites are getting ready for the musical rain. Usually it’s December but this time, the early bird is The Hindu sponsored November Fest. From U Srinivas to Shuvha Mudgal, there are a bunch of ‘not-to-miss’ musicians performing this month. Check the schedule as I take a deep breath.

november fest.jpg

From now you would see too many crib postings here as I miss the Chennai Marghazhi Kutcheri. Get Ready !!

Prolific Tamil Writer Sundara

Prolific Tamil Writer Sundara Ramaswamy passed away last week. See blogposts on Tamil blogs by Badri, Venkat amd Boston Balaji. More than his famous JJ Sila Kuripugal, I enjoyed Oru Puliyamarathin Kathai just for its sheer usage of the sweet Thirunelvelli Thamizh. I had to read JJ Sila Kuripugal twice, to get understand it completely. His contribution to the smal magazines, by being the publisher of Kalachuvadu is a huge service to tamil literature. If interested, do check out some books by Sundara Ramaswamy .

Blogger Arun Vaidhyanathan’s short film Thaniyoru Manidhanukku gets selected to IAAC Film Festival in Indian Independent & Diaspora Films section. Do send an email to Arun and he would provide info about the screening. Good Luck, Arun !!

Desikan had pointed to two amazing columns written by Ashokamitran and Raa Ki Rangarajan. While Ashokamitran’s anecdote was short sweet and made me feel a little sad, Raa Ki’s wish made me feel guilty.

Praveen has a nakkal review on Ghajini here. A commenter Bijoy Bharathan on Hemanth’s blog leaves a list of inspirations for Ghajini[Scroll down to read his comment]. Even if we may not accept to his views, his scene comparisons to hollywood films seems almost right.

Sri Hari gets to watch Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday. I am totally envious of him because of the ban and the hype that surrounds it.

Did you read the humongous book called The Suitable Boy. Then you are to like Vikram Seth and his interview to Outlook. After a long long time, he is back with a book called Two Lives which he says was from a story line that his mom told. Seems like a semi-biographical book on his Uncle and Aunt. Why is Aamir Khan excited about Vikram’s latest book ?

Meet SJ Surya – The Sultan of Sleaze !!

Finally, how did I miss it. Belated Happy Birthday Babe !! Enna b’day gift from AnbuChelvan?

On a Rainy Friday !!

Chenthil is presently the most linked man in the Indian Blogosphere. With his blogpost on the moral policing happening at Chennai, the blogosphere seems afresh and there is so much of linking and debating going on in this issue. I have my own crib on the Tamil media/matter/morality issue. Nilu is calling for a Lagaan team to show what bloggers are for the system. Check out, you might be interested.

Ammani’s recent quick tale a.k.a fast fiction[as I like to call it], Death of a Friend, was fantastic. We are such humongous hypocrites !!

They wouldn’t allow a ‘good’ director to stay in shape. Ab Tak Chhappan‘s Shimit Amin signs-up for a Yash Chopra banner starring Shahrukh. Rule No.1 in B(K)ollywood – If anyone makes meaningful cinema, make him direct an outright masala as his next movie and he will become one among equals. Huh !!

Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara could be a masterpiece but Urmila, like Kamalhassan, talks too much about the subject during the release of the film. The dudes at Rediff title the interview as Meet Urmila, Gandhian Thinker. Give me a break !!. I am eager to watch it, however.

Oli Oviyar(!!) Thankar Bachan’s Chidambarathil Oru Appasamy takes a beating from The Hindu. Update – Get appreciated by Vikatan [44/100].

The ban over the on-screen smoking in television is pushed to Jan 1, 2006. Inimey vaithaaa vaithaa vaithaa thaan. Read previous cribs on the ban here and here.

Enna Special ??

In a superbly written post, Anand deals with infinite possibilites of making Ponniyin Selvan and why he wants to make it into a “diachronic superstory”.

Virumandi and Human Genome Project. What a connection ? Tilotamma thinks there exists a genetic marker.

Keerthi says Chandramukhi 175. Now wait for Sivaji.

SJ Surya and Superstar’s Wishk Whisk. Sudhish lists why Ah Aha was never a Haa Haa !!

Chenthil pitches his arguments against Pa. Raghavan’s Vikatan column. Arun has a detailed commentary on the same column, in Tamil.

Bharath has well written post on Ganguly, Greg and Stats Guru. I couldn’t agree with him on the stats issue but was quite hilarious.

Finally, the Handbook For Bloggers is available as PDF and Kiruba points it to be here.