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As the year, nears an end, its time for Indibloggies. Indibloggies 2005 is just getting ready. Their new site, has a pretty design. Debashish as Indi Blogger is doing a great job in organising the whole effort. This could be talk of the Indian Blogosphere for the next few weeks, so take a sneak peek.

Manoj of StudentConcepts is arranging for an Himalayan Trek, Heat 2006, to beat the heat of next summer. The email brochure he sent out gives the schedule for this 10 Days / 9 Nights trek will start from Delhi. Seems like a pretty planned one. Check out Student Concepts for more.

Seattle Tamil Sangam is hosting the first ever Carrom Tournament in Seattle area and it happens right next to my house. Its been hosted by the youth board and the president is good friend of mine. Worthy news is that they are arranging some good masala vadais, samosas and ofcourse tea. If you are around, do come along. NO MLM desis allowed !!

Just in case, you missed the first staging of the uproarious Python Hyss…teria by EVAM, its time you get a chance to hurt your bellies. This weekend, they are staging it again, in Chennai. If you are around, you might not want to miss it. Read The Hindu review.

With the rain receding in Chennai, Chennaites are getting ready for the musical rain. Usually it’s December but this time, the early bird is The Hindu sponsored November Fest. From U Srinivas to Shuvha Mudgal, there are a bunch of ‘not-to-miss’ musicians performing this month. Check the schedule as I take a deep breath.

november fest.jpg

From now you would see too many crib postings here as I miss the Chennai Marghazhi Kutcheri. Get Ready !!

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  1. shambhavi, thanks for alot for increasing my vaitherichcvhal.

    narsi and shambhavi, while moving between hosters, I restored your comments manually. just inca se you see the timings and think, I’m playing around.


  2. Guru, reg. the Indibloggies thing, I did not know that Debashish was planning to make this into a regular feature at a level where he was probably looking to register the domain in the award name itself. Now that I find he has taken a .org name, I wrote to him saying I was the one who booked the .com extension (as I have booked SEVERAL URLs related to Indian blogging) for indibloggies so that SOMEONE ELSE WHO DOES PROFESSIONAL CYBER-SQUATTING SHOULD NOT BOOK THAT and thus be allowed to dictate terms and conditions and that I was willing to transfer the domain to him just for what I paid by way of registration fees (and transfer fees, if any). Just wanted to inform you also since you have mentioned it.


  3. As a follow-up, I have said that I don’t even need the registration fee (or transfer fee) and am willing to donate the domain (no credit needed too).