Prolific Tamil Writer Sundara

Prolific Tamil Writer Sundara Ramaswamy passed away last week. See blogposts on Tamil blogs by Badri, Venkat amd Boston Balaji. More than his famous JJ Sila Kuripugal, I enjoyed Oru Puliyamarathin Kathai just for its sheer usage of the sweet Thirunelvelli Thamizh. I had to read JJ Sila Kuripugal twice, to get understand it completely. His contribution to the smal magazines, by being the publisher of Kalachuvadu is a huge service to tamil literature. If interested, do check out some books by Sundara Ramaswamy .

Blogger Arun Vaidhyanathan’s short film Thaniyoru Manidhanukku gets selected to IAAC Film Festival in Indian Independent & Diaspora Films section. Do send an email to Arun and he would provide info about the screening. Good Luck, Arun !!

Desikan had pointed to two amazing columns written by Ashokamitran and Raa Ki Rangarajan. While Ashokamitran’s anecdote was short sweet and made me feel a little sad, Raa Ki’s wish made me feel guilty.

Praveen has a nakkal review on Ghajini here. A commenter Bijoy Bharathan on Hemanth’s blog leaves a list of inspirations for Ghajini[Scroll down to read his comment]. Even if we may not accept to his views, his scene comparisons to hollywood films seems almost right.

Sri Hari gets to watch Anurag Kashyap’s Black Friday. I am totally envious of him because of the ban and the hype that surrounds it.

Did you read the humongous book called The Suitable Boy. Then you are to like Vikram Seth and his interview to Outlook. After a long long time, he is back with a book called Two Lives which he says was from a story line that his mom told. Seems like a semi-biographical book on his Uncle and Aunt. Why is Aamir Khan excited about Vikram’s latest book ?

Meet SJ Surya – The Sultan of Sleaze !!

Finally, how did I miss it. Belated Happy Birthday Babe !! Enna b’day gift from AnbuChelvan?

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  1. Review by Bijoy coudn’t get any better. Every time I saw Nayandhara on screen, I wanted to scream “oh, please get out of my sight”, where can she go anyway .. paadhi screena adaichundu?? . What the heck was she thinking anyway .. running (rolling ??) around scantily clad, not even a semblace of any expression on her face, X-machi song vera .. iyoo kodumai … shooting poogunpoodhu, mooliaya kazhati vaichutu poonaangalaa ? (How much did she get paid for this pathetic performance??) .. Asin+Surya = Cute, “Oh, my god !!” – Rhombha over… what’s with all you guys drooling all over asin.. bore bore bore. HOWEVER, it was the only saving grace amidst the violence (never seen so much blood of late, esp the scene where asin gets bludgeoned) and cacophony called background music. To sum it up, it was agonizing 2.5 hours in the theatre. Spoilt a beautiful saturday afternoon by watching this horrific movie and came home with a severe case of nausea and migraine. Ohh .. yes, IT WAS THAT BAD. P.S: for those of you residing in the garden state .. moral of the story is North Bergen poi tamil padam paarka koodaadhu, Harris Jeyaraj musicna theatreukkey pooga koodaadhu.


  2. Re: Kalvanin Kaadhali hoarding .. hey . .what’s the point in admonishing just Surya .. where was Nayandhara’s intelligence during his photo shoot for the movie ?? .. Kannai moodindu pose kuduthaangala ?? . I’d say that the heroines are equally responsible. Why isn’t anyone pointing fingers at them ???.


  3. Hey Lazy,
    Thanks for the post and wishes. There is no such thing called ‘Invite’, everybody has to book the tickets via this link and the movie line ups are available here
    If any movie fans outside Tristate area needs any help in terms of accomodation, please feel free to contact me, I would love to host them.

    I will really appreciate If you can clear this in your post too. (I already got an email asking for invite 🙂 )

    Finally, Guru…why don’t you come down here to see some parallel movies 😉

    Love,Arun Vaidyanathan


  4. Thanks Guru.
    Now to the second part, will you be able to fly here for the festival 😉 (You think you can escape from that question :d )


  5. Vidya, Almost agree with you in totality about the heroines. To tell you Nayanthara will sell hot cakes in kollywood. Tamil Cinema has always liked pleasingly plumpy babes from Kushboo to Ramba to Nagma until Simran arrived in the scene.

    Maybe Nayanthara is a wannabe of kushboo/nagma/ramba.


  6. Old post, but just noticed that you mentioned “Oru Puliyamarathin Kathai” as Tirunelveli dialect. The story is written in Nagercoil dialect, with a tinge of Malayalam.