Run Lazy Run !!

And I ran, ran and ran. Haven’t done something like this in the last few years. Per my self-assumed nick goes, I was always lazy enough to run on the treadmill. Even those wacky-techno-gizmos called walkman, CD player and mp3 player could only inspire me just a lil’ bit. Last week, I was thinking about a blogpost to gather suggestions on Tamil songs for the Tread Mill. After all how many times could I listen to just Humma Humma, Uyirin Uyirey or the ultra cool Illamai Idho Idho.

While in college, I was a big fan of rock and heavy metal music. Even now, I would listen to it on any offbeat day but not regularly, like those college years(even before brushing teeth). Looking for a change, I banged my MP3 player with a dose of Metallica, a pinch of Judas Priest, one teaspoon of Megadeath and a big chunk of Iron Maiden sprinkled with Linkin Park‘s Hybrid Theory. What a suprise. I was running nonstop for more than 25 minutes. Spoiling my ears with those electric guitars and bass drummers, I was trying to help myself with the work-out. Phew !! What an irony.

If you don’t believe, do it for yourself, listen to Metallica’s ST.Anger, Iron Maiden’s Can I pay with madness and Judas Priest’s Metal Meltdown, see your mood getting relaxed. I have a dozen of Black Sabbath and Led Zep music for tomorrow. BTW, I still don’t have a fresh list of Tamil songs for the tread mill. Any suggestions would help the fellow lazy’s hanging out here !!

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  1. Chenthil Avatar

    1. Surangani, Surangani
    2. Eduda Antha Suriya Melam (Pudhiya Mannargal)
    3. Aal thotaa boopathi


  2. F e r r a r i Avatar

    Neenga tamizh paatu kaettenga. Me suggesting tamil and hindi 😀
    1. paruvame pudhiya paadal paadu (Mohan suhasini running song)
    2. Chandralekha from thiruda thiruda
    3. Gurus of Peace from Vandhe Mataram
    4. Hey odakkara maarimuthu (mudhugula oru bag maatikoanga. Indha paatu effect innum nalla irukkum :-D)
    5. Edhukku Pondaati from Kezhakku cheemayile
    6. Fanaah from AE
    7. Ooru vittu Orru vandhu from karagattakaaran
    8. Nivedha Nivedha from Nee Paadhi Naan Paadhi
    9. Toofani Raat from Thakshak (Very good beats)
    10. Ninnukoari varaNam from agni natchathiram
    11. Oram po oram po rukkumani vandi varudhu
    12. Romeo aatam poattaal from Mr Romeo
    13. Thee pidikka from arindhum ariyamalum
    14. Sakalakala vallavane from PKS
    15. Tere bina nahi lagta dil mera hai dolna from Bend it like Beckham. Nusrat Fateh ali khan
    16. Jab Andhera hota hai remix
    17. Bin Tere Sanam remix
    18. Jaane kya dhoondta hai from Sur
    19. Sakkarai from NEW
    20. dilli dilli jayenge from Bose- The forgotten hero
    21. Mundiya to bachch ke rahi
    22. Varaaga nadhi karai oaram from Sangamam
    23. Thoongatha vizhigal reNdu from Agni Natchathiram
    24. Hey kiliyirukku from Mudhal Mariyadhai
    25. Errathani kurrathani from Kadhalan

    Indha list poruma innum konjam venumaa?


  3. trk Avatar

    Hi LG,
    Vayendra Vanakkam-New
    No Problem-Lovebirds
    Oororamma Aathupakkam-Idhaya Kovil
    come to my mind

    Voodoo child -rogue traders would be my favorite treadmill song, i suppose.


  4. arvind Avatar

    1. Unaal Mudiyumm thambi thambi (dont remember the movie name -kamal song)
    2. Vetri Nichayam (annamalai)
    3. Vaanil yeni poatu (again no name, Vikram, mohini ar rahman movie)
    4. Desh Mere Desh Mere – bhagat singh

    hard workout kku super english paatu –

    one shot one opportunity ! yes Eminem… (8 mile track)



  5. Jacky Avatar

    Rajathi Raja un Thandirangal – Mannan
    April May – Idhayam
    Oothikinu Kadichukava
    Kandhan irukum idam Kandhakottam
    Onnum onnum rendu – Uttamaputiran
    Vadi Vadi – Sachien
    Mere ange ne mein (hindi) – Laawaris. Just give it a try.


  6. thodarumm Avatar


    I did not know that fellow thayir saadham is interested in running. Sorry, I am not giving you Tamil Songs. But you have got to check this site out..absolutely phenomenal…the best audio guided workouts..

    Trust me, don’t go by samples. I have used all volumes and will tell you, there is nothing like it. It really works well when you run with it. I am enchanted with these volumes and Volume 4 is really thrilling to Indian ears.
    Do you read your e-mail? 🙂


  7. Bala (Karthik) Avatar

    1) Rock n Roll – Led Zeppelin
    2) On The Run – Pink Floyd
    3) Welcome to the sanatarium – Metallica
    4) Daud!!!


  8. Tamilponnu Avatar

    Lazy, I load my mp3 with dapanguthu hits – here’s my list…IT WORKS!!!.

    My warm up – Vaadi Vaadi – Sachien

    Thaamthaka theemthaka – Thirumalai
    kalyanamthaan kadikitu – Saami
    Aruva Meesai – Dhool
    Appadi podu – Ghilli
    Yaakai Thiri- Aaiyutha Ezhuthu
    Appan panna – Thirupachi
    kumbida pona Deivam – Thirupachi – repeated like 5 times…

    IT works!! Give it a try.


  9. thennavan Avatar

    Guru, I have only one reco (and it is an apt one):

    Rojaappoo aadi vandadhu (Agni Natchaththiram) 🙂


  10. Munimma Avatar

    I like fast beats too, until I started listening to comedy plays. Now I put on a 30 – 50 min play and run for the whole time. When I need to really focus on speed, I do fast songs.


  11. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Chenthil, While I think the other two are perfect fits, Surangani might just be without a good tune. But I see where you are pointing to, the dabbankuthu. Got the message.

    Ferrari, Thanks for the list but I haven’t heard of 16. Jab Andhera hota hai remix, 17. Bin Tere Sanam remix and 18. Jaane kya dhoondta hai from Sur. How do they sound like ?

    TRK, Thanks and Ooroma Aathupakkam is a good choice.


  12. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Arvind, Vaanil aeni pottu is from Rahman’s Pudhiya Mannargal. Good selection and yeah eminem, anytime !!

    Jacky, Looks like Vaadi Vaadi is a red hot song. anyway will try the Mere angu ne mein.

    Thodarum, Will check out

    Bala, Metallica rocks, isn’t it ??

    Tamilponnu, Finally someone who suggests only dappangkuthu. Nandri.

    Mukund, Thoda !!

    Munimma, I was thinking of that. Infact I have a bunch of those comedy plays already in my mp3. But wasn’t quite sure if it will ‘inspire’ me. I usually hear them while going to sleep and laughing out loud when the lights are switched off. Will try your suggestion too.


  13. Queer Avatar

    No takes on Ghajini yet?

    As for songs – try ARR’s hits, Gaana hits (many haev been mentioned in the comments) and also try, the oldie type from Aridhum Ariamalum. Other than that the hindi remixes should do it.


  14. Smruthi Avatar

    load this one too..
    unekkna mele nindrai nandhalala from Simla Special.

    you will love it..!!!!



  15. Vikram Avatar

    Hi Guru,

    Personally, high quality music irrespective of the genre gets me to sway, if not head bang! Apart from the several rock bands out there, and all the great tamil songs, I would recommend Dire Straits’ and Pink Floyd’s songs(if incase u havent heard them before!). They are a class above the rest, if not equal to Metallica, Iron Maiden and the rest.

    Billy Joel(We didn’t start the fire,Pianoman,River of Dreams,Uptown Girl) is also great!


  16. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Vikram, If you ask me Dire Straits is one of the best bands I’ve heard. Sometimes Pink floyd is over the top and can’t get their metaphorical music. But anytime for Sultans of Swing.


  17. veda Avatar

    hi lg,
    would like to recommend the following,

    1.adiye manam nilluna nikkadhadi(neengal ettavai)
    2.poduvaga en manasu thangam(which movie!)
    3.aasai nooru vagai vazhvil nooru suvai vaa!
    4.sorgam maduviale(kamal) va va en thalaiva (vijay)
    6.mama mama mama emma emma emma
    7.yaradi nee mohini
    8.ninukori varnam (agni natchathiram)
    9.kadan yanai(anniyan)
    10.sinagari saraku nalla saraku(kamal)
    and many more


  18. Kishore Avatar

    Yaakkai thiri.. kaadhal sudar…
    take a step with every beat.. 😉


  19. Maverick Avatar

    How about “Kalyanam dhaan kattikittu odi polaamaa?”



  20. Innocent Blood Avatar
    Innocent Blood

    i stumbled onto your site when i was looking for some info on the Nayakan DVD. i was thoroughly impressed by the amount of coverage that you give to Tamil films 🙂

    and then i saw this post and i was blown away by your musical tastes! i’m a HUGE fan of hard rock and heavy metal: Deep Purple, Black Sabbath and Led Zep – the holy trinity 🙂

    Rock on dude! 🙂


  21. Hiren shah Avatar

    The daily routine on treadmill
    Can be as dreary as a military drill
    It can really test your will
    With the musical tunes that you tend to fill
    The experience can give you the kind of thrill
    That matches your writing skill

    You seem to have a way with words. Your blogs are an education to budding bloggers. Thanks for so many links.


  22. KrishLakshman Avatar

    Lazy, Try these ‘local’ stuff. You better run on the road, but. Voodu kattittae Odanum indha paattukellam.

    1. Anna nagar aandaalu
    2. Vaa munimaa
    3. Vethala Potta
    4. Oothikinu Kadichikkalaam
    5. Kundrathile Koyila katti


  23. thodarumm Avatar

    LG and Hiren Bhaiya,

    Nice play on words in your reply. But cardiocoach changed my ‘dreadmill’ time to one of the most enjoyable moments of my day! I am trying to get to Hiren’s blog..


  24. Ashwini Avatar

    Kaakha Kaakha
    Kadhal Kondein
    Dhill (Only Dhill Dhill song!)
    And many of those Vijay’s racy title songs!!
    These may not sound that great now…but while running they do great things to keep you going!!


  25. யாத்திரீகன் Avatar

    >>with a dose of Metallica, a pinch of Judas >>Priest, one teaspoon of Megadeath and a >>big chunk of Iron Maiden sprinkled with >>Linkin Park’s Hybrid Theory

    neenga solli irukura andha ENGLIBISH paatelaam namaku pudhusu..

    konjam andha albums-la irundhu endha paatelaam kaetkalaam, net-la engayaavadhu download kedaikumaa-nu soneengana..

    konjam oduradhuku gujjal-la irukum… oru mail thati vidungalaen..

    xpecting ur reply…



  26. NaveenZ Avatar

    Hi guys!!!
    can anyone here send me “adiye manam nilluna nikkadhadi(neengal ettavai).mp3” please… i am searching for it… please help me


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