Cisco says, Billion Dollars, Baby

Cisco Systems® and the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Government of India, announced today that they will collaborate to support India’s National E-Governance Plan. Cisco will also support Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited’s (BSNL) telecom network evolution by establishing Asia Pacific’s first IP Next Generation Network (NGN) Lab for BSNL in Chennai. To support these two initiatives, Cisco will invest a combined US $10 million.

Why wouldn’t one be happy about that deal. After all, India’s endeavors to go beyond the markets of Shanghai, just got renewed. I am specially happy about the first IP Next Generation Network going to be setup at Chennai. That was just enough reason to make a blog post. As Om Malik states, With that one giant poker chip, the company has shifted the focus from India as outsourcer to India as an innovator. It is also a realization that India is a big market, perhaps not as big as China, but equally lucrative in the long run.

Why would no one lure Universal Studios to invest a $500 million dollars in Kollywood. Wouldn’t that be so cool ?

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  1. Vidya Avatar


    “Why would no one lure Universal Studios to invest a $500 million dollars in Kollywood. Wouldn’t that be so cool ?”. I woudn’t agree with you, Kodambakkam doesn’t seem to suffer from lack of investments, rather lack of creativity.

    When was the last time a movie was penned/ picturized without the omnipresent love angle, danbaankoothu (Kuthu???) song ???. They could produce Kaaka-Kaaka/ Kaadhal – unusually good movies for Kodambakkam standards, yet how many of them in this past year along these lines can one think of. Remember, Thangar Bachan had to resort to this cheap promotion in “Azhagi” by thinichufying a rather lousy song in the name of folk-music (??). Such an eye -sore for an otherwise well crafted movie. Heard that he’s resorted to the same in his latest “Chidambharathil Oru Appasamy”.

    Investments in these figures might encourage block-buster makers like Shankar picturize his dream-project “Robbot”???, I don’t think it will lure creative folks into the game. And lack of investments isn’t going to/ shouldn’t stop people make good movies.


  2. Innocent Blood Avatar
    Innocent Blood

    If somebody does come along with that whole lot of $, then they could help finance Kamal’s dream project Maruthanayagam :p


  3. Hiren Shah Avatar


    E-governance implies empowerment of the individual which does not always go down well with the govt officials who have a vested interest in not letting it happen as it mitigates their power. On the positive side we have the ITC chaupal experience. Lets hope for the best:-

    Such plans at best remain hazy
    Because our govt officials are sleazy
    Somebody intruding on their turf will make them crazy
    And they will deliberately try to be lazy.

    Maybe then we shall have a lazy blog of a different kind.


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Hiren, Offlate you’ve been leaving poetic comments and other commenters are enjoying.


  5. nomansland Avatar

    >>>Why would no one lure Universal Studios to invest a $500 million dollars in Kollywood.

    Why do you want a Universal Studios?. To make stupid American kind of movies?? Man its better to be away from all the overrated mediocre movies that are consistently being produced in the American industry.

    We want movies like Autograph NOT Mr.& Mrs.Smith or whatever.


  6. Saravan Avatar

    Vidya, well said…

    I wanted to make a mention about Dayanidhi..Appa 8 adi paancha, pulla 10 or may be 16 adi paayumra madhiri, he is doing a great job..may be he is more tamilnadu patriotic..bringing as much share as possible to tamil nadu…hardselling…but thats ok..kaatrulla podhe thootrikoll…As a big fan of chennai, i wish chennai to be a mixture of silicon valley + detroit + shanghai + Singapore + Paris + Hollywood…All this for one genuine reason, i MISS the chennai’s Idli vadai sambhar…


  7. saravan Avatar

    “The BBC’s international television channel, BBC World is devoting a week of special coverage of India, starting on 16 October. ”

    I know its too late to refer this coverage to anybody…


  8. Saravan Avatar

    Has anybody tried out Google Fight, nice time pass…

    As a big fan of chennai, i put chennai and bangalore on the dice and could see bangalore having more results than chennai..but wait..i didn’t give up…i believe that the Internet came into existence well before chennai’s if u want to know the actual strenth of chennai, sum up chennai + madras results and compare with bangalore…Wow.. chennai won by 150000 results…hope my math is right

    bangalore had 15,500,000 results while chennai + madras had 15650000 results on the google..I also assumed that bangalore didn’t undergo any name change in the recent past…now u can imagine of other possible contestants