Enna Special ??

In a superbly written post, Anand deals with infinite possibilites of making Ponniyin Selvan and why he wants to make it into a “diachronic superstory”.

Virumandi and Human Genome Project. What a connection ? Tilotamma thinks there exists a genetic marker.

Keerthi says Chandramukhi 175. Now wait for Sivaji.

SJ Surya and Superstar’s Wishk Whisk. Sudhish lists why Ah Aha was never a Haa Haa !!

Chenthil pitches his arguments against Pa. Raghavan’s Vikatan column. Arun has a detailed commentary on the same column, in Tamil.

Bharath has well written post on Ganguly, Greg and Stats Guru. I couldn’t agree with him on the stats issue but was quite hilarious.

Finally, the Handbook For Bloggers is available as PDF and Kiruba points it to be here.


  1. LG,

    What an unexpected surprise. Stardom at last :-). First I pass the dreaded Account’s midterm and then I get listed by Lazy geek.

    btw I wasn’t impressed by Chappell’s letter either. Although you dont need hedge any bets.. odds are (a) its called a draw or (b) chappelll gets the axe. 🙂


  2. Me too would be upset if greg gets the axe. If India really wants to have 2007 cup at home then they must act now and I believe there is too much politics in this game here in India.

    BTW, first time here. Good contents as well blog.

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