Enna Special ??

In a superbly written post, Anand deals with infinite possibilites of making Ponniyin Selvan and why he wants to make it into a “diachronic superstory”.

Virumandi and Human Genome Project. What a connection ? Tilotamma thinks there exists a genetic marker.

Keerthi says Chandramukhi 175. Now wait for Sivaji.

SJ Surya and Superstar’s Wishk Whisk. Sudhish lists why Ah Aha was never a Haa Haa !!

Chenthil pitches his arguments against Pa. Raghavan’s Vikatan column. Arun has a detailed commentary on the same column, in Tamil.

Bharath has well written post on Ganguly, Greg and Stats Guru. I couldn’t agree with him on the stats issue but was quite hilarious.

Finally, the Handbook For Bloggers is available as PDF and Kiruba points it to be here.

4 responses to “Enna Special ??”

  1. Bharath/Hawkeye Avatar


    What an unexpected surprise. Stardom at last :-). First I pass the dreaded Account’s midterm and then I get listed by Lazy geek.

    btw I wasn’t impressed by Chappell’s letter either. Although you dont need hedge any bets.. odds are (a) its called a draw or (b) chappelll gets the axe. 🙂



  2. Jacky Avatar

    Enna special??


  3. Lazy Geek Avatar

    Bharath, I enjoyed the post of yurs. Actually the whole issue is quite funny but I would be upset if greg gets the axe.

    Jacky, 🙂


  4. Tarun Avatar

    Me too would be upset if greg gets the axe. If India really wants to have 2007 cup at home then they must act now and I believe there is too much politics in this game here in India.

    BTW, first time here. Good contents as well blog.


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