Friday Quicks !!

Not only Prabhu bought the first CD of Rahman’s Rang De Basanthi but also he probably wrote the first review for it. Ferrari Fast !!

RSS is everywhere. RSStroom Reader. Pretty Funny !! [Via Seth Godin]

Hemanth throws valid questions on the declining standards of Tamil Nadu Politics. I agree with both of them.

The Hindu Prakash Jha’s recommends Apaharan.

Bhaskar Ghose writes a fabulous column on the Kushboo Issue, The right to speak freely.

“Make your bed in the morning, help out in the shop, and read a book a day”. I wish I had to do atleast for a few weeks. Jeremy Micer writes about a great book shop Shakespeare & Co. [Via Uma’s indianwriting].

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  1. this is the gist of kushboo’s statement i gathered from the net:

    “Kushboo begins her article with the observation that women in Chennai, who so far had been behind those in Bangalore in the matter of expressing their sexual desires, were now overcoming sex-related mental blocks. She, however, says that this openness also raises the question whether this is a healthy trend in a largely orthodox Indian society. She says that parents, if not teachers, should teach the basics of sex to children. Expressing herself against “changing boyfriends every week”, she says that sex is not just about the body, but also the mind. She says that if the girl is convinced of the firmness of her relationship with her boyfriend, she can go out with him with her parents’ permission. She suggests that parents can permit this if the girl and the boy are “serious” in their relationship.

    She writes: “Our society should liberate itself from the ideas such as the one that women should have their virginity intact when getting married. No educated man will expect the woman he marries to be a virgin.” She has also a word of caution to women who go in for pre-marital sex: “Guard against conceiving and contracting AIDS.”

    when i read this statement, it comes across more as advocating pre-marital sex than safe sex. so i assume people issue’s is with the topic of pre-marital sex than safe sex. so somewhere bhaskar ghose reads it differently than i do at a face value.

    freedom is a very misleading term. there is no absolute freedom, it is always relative. if kushboo should be allowed the freedom to speak as she think, then you will have to give thangar bachan the freedom to speak belligerently about heroines. everything has boundaries and those boundaries vary with individual comfort level. so when it is so, how can one say who is right and who is wrong?

    finally, the majority of the indian population has more important things to worry about than if kushboo can speak her mind or if some disco was shut or if college students are being asked to adhere to dress codes (which was in existence earlier – sathyabhama is a famous example). let one episode not become the entire mega serial! 😉



  2. So…no one really cared to read what i wrote previously in these comments…????!!!!???!!!


    Please DO read here…


  3. three totally irrelevant things are being compared in that kushboo article..

    when such a celeberity speaks something it has more reach, thatz practical, whatever it is.. thatz the reason that it was protested (maybe a portion of the people who protested didnt show thier oppositions in the right way, but surely the protest is valid)

    as the first comment says, the term FREEDOM OF SPEECH is misunderstood as much FEMINISM….

    just because the protesting way was not in the right way, one shouldnt say that you should never protest at all

    media has made money with this.. and now it has reached more ppl that it would have been, if no one had minded that 🙂