Aaru aka Saami

Hemanth gives a good review for Surya’s latest flick Aaru. He notes –

Aaru has been made with same class as Ghilli and I’m positive feel it’s going to see similar returns. From the choice of Trisha and Vidhyarthi to the Telugu speaking baddie, Aaru’s been done with Surya growing clout in Andhra. The Telugu version is also titled Aaru (not Aarulu).

I can take Hemanth’s words and am now curious, which I wasn’t before, to watch Aaru. Enga Seattle oru seriyaana thandam. Oru mannangkattiyum release aaga maatenguthu

8 responses to “Aaru aka Saami”

  1. ahahah Avatar

    Guru, ennapa ipadi aluthukire ?
    tamiltricks.com irukulla ??

    6 enna..7 lum paaru !


  2. nona Avatar

    lazy – be grateful that in your seattle, mannangattis dont get released:)

    nona (anon is back!)


  3. Sureshkumar Avatar

    please don’t do that mistake. the movie is horrible. 2.5 hours of non stop violence and zero logic. Surya definitely should not have chosen this movie.


  4. Keerthivasan Avatar

    nona, good name you got yourself. “The Anon is Back”



  5. Shriram Avatar

    What Sureshkumar says is absolutely right. The movie really sucks bigtime.

    Stay away if you can !


  6. Vidya Avatar


    Spoke to my friend who happened to see this movie and from what I heard, you aren’t missing anything !! .. Violenece is in par with Gazhini. Indha kandraviya theatre poi paarpanen?. I’d rather wait for the DVD.


  7. Prasad Avatar

    Yes, i agree with Suresh too. Just wrote a review on the movie after seeing it yesterday. Man, what a waste of time.


  8. CrazyGeek Avatar

    Ada po pa!

    Got bored to see rowdys in full screen for the entire movie. Surya’s selection was wrong and for sure he will fail miserably.