Indraya Raasi Palan…

Aries March 21 – April 19
Daily Overview for December 08, 2005
Provided by Daily Extended Forecast

Watch your frustration level today. Inconsiderate people will test your patience.

It’s time for you to put an end to whatever you’ve been beating yourself up about. It’s over, it’s done, it wasn’t a deliberate or malicious act, and you know it. Give yourself a break.

Was running anti-spy on yahoo tool bar and was accidentally taken to My Yahoo. Thats where I read the my sun sign astrology today, as given above. Donno what it means except someone is forcing me to take a break.

BTW, am not a jerk on astrology. I certainly believe(after all my experiences with astrologers of chennai, for my friends), astrologers are grossly wrong but astrology is right.

12 responses to “Indraya Raasi Palan…”

  1. Arun Avatar

    Hey…My sun sign is also Aries 😉


  2. Kupathotty Govindasamee Avatar
    Kupathotty Govindasamee

    Congrats on being upfront and not trying to be pretentious. Could have avoided the “for my friends …”


  3. Praveen Avatar

    Nobody to beat Nambungal Narayanan! Hope he writes for Yahoo someday!! 😀


  4. Lazy Geek Avatar

    arun, 🙂

    goinsaamee, it was only for my friends, especially 1 friend who believed astrology like god. we went from lion parthasarathy to vaitheeswaran koil naadi josiyam. one astrologer came close, stil predicting future seems to be tough. all of them were nearly 95% right when they accounted for the past.

    praveen, sometime even he has failed like his prediction on the last world cup. search this blog for that post you might read a post on it.


  5. Uma Avatar

    Praveen – I have to disagree, I reckon there is nobody to beat the predictions on the London Metro. There is nothing worth reading in it apart from the horoscopes 🙂


  6. Hawkeye Avatar

    kausikan, nambiyar – how are they?


  7. Vidya Avatar


    ‘astrologers are grossly wrong but astrology is right’ – I’ve had this impression for long and everytime I say it, I’ve been bullied. Good luck to you !!


  8. sriks Avatar

    guru., did u order pizza from pizzahut?
    or used the services of FEDEX?
    sure those predications match above 2 🙂


  9. koothu Avatar

    If after your experience with a bunch of astrologers, you came to a conclusion that astrologers are grossly wrong, how does it make astrology right? Just wondering…


  10. Praveen Avatar

    Lazy and Uma,
    Me was just kidding, i haven even seen the guys face!! 🙂


  11. Narayanan Avatar

    Another Arian in the blogosphere 🙂 goot goot



  12. sanjay kumar k Avatar
    sanjay kumar k

    sorry LG ur opinion on astrology seems pretty much on predicted lines, as i have found that even among educated elite there is the prevailing notion that every cosmic event has a bearing with our lives.i couldn’t agree less on thinks u remeber the debate that raged on this issue when MM joshi wanted astrology as part of BSc created quite a ruckus among the scientific establishment.the kind of astronomical data we have is quite astounding now compared to the information that was present during the age of yore.scientists have even conducted rigorous statistical analysis to prove(or rather disprove the whole sham that is astrology)that its predictions are remotely u r aware any scientic discpline requires open and thorough methodology and repeatability to be accepted as one.and any predictions based on this are subjected to stastistical should be atleast 90% accurate depending on the nture of event and expectation of the case of astrology this figure was only 20%,implying that the so-called prediction is actually speculation.the cosmic landscape of astrology is rather dull with only 9 planets as the main players neglecting other planets and other bodies like asteriods and comets.also the effects of planets very far like neptune,uranus pluto seem to be conveniently neglected.on top of it their constellation of 9 planets includes moon and sun which by any definition cannot be classified as planets!and poor earth is nowhere in their scheme of things.hope this atleast gives with an alternative viewpoint, and i will be only glad to respond to the subsequent queries.i’m no physicist but i feel that science has lot to offer to our understanding and that astrology are merely vetiges of the ignorant past,which is an anachronism in the present world.also the whole stellar events are to put it mildly random events clearly disproving the predictability of our lives.
    BTW,beleive in ur selves and let not the stars be an excuse for all our trials and tribulations on earth….


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