Inside Pudhupettai – 2

Dhanush and hie Pudupet 'team' Part 2
[Pic – Dhanush and his ‘team’ in Pudupet. Thanks Vikatan]

Selvaghavan talks to Vikatan about his latest flick Pudhupettai which is floors with Dhanush, Sonia Agarwal and Sneha. While the interview is mostly for creating ‘awareness’ of Pudhupettai, the parts where he talks about the lifestyle in a metropolis, seems to be true.

The interview continues even in the next issue of Ananda Vikatan. Should check out to see if there is any more insight on the movie. And yeah, Sneha acts as a sex worker named Krishnaveni. Selvaraghavan says its a sure shot milestone for Sneha. Mothalla padatha release panunganna !!

Inside Pudhupettai – 1.

4 responses to “Inside Pudhupettai – 2”

  1. rads Avatar

    Dhanush will always be an enigma to me. Maybe I will soon be puzzled, and upset enough to actually rent a movie and watch. What did Vijaykanth and the rest of the other 12 movie-makers see in him!

    Kodambakkam bridge and billboards 🙂


  2. Maran Avatar

    By metropolis he’s refering to Chennai?


  3. srivatsan Avatar

    pudhupettai will the best gangster movie ever made in india . Unlike all star directors who r giving a tribute to godfather this one will be a pretty different one and the best too.


  4. srivatsan Avatar

    my favourite directors :


    these three are creative.
    i was worried b4 the entry of selva into film industry thinking of the position of tamil cinema after kamalahaasan?
    but now i feel comortable with his diirections.
    kathal kondaen was a rocking psycho thriller and 7/g,rainbow colony perhaps was the best love story ever made.



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