The Lusty Lady !!


I have no clue, why Michael Douglas wanted to produce, One Night at McCool’s. It had nothing significant to it except it indirectly scans intentions behind people’s every action. In a Aayitha Ezhuthu-like screenplay, the point of view of story shifts between three people. All these three people are at various levels of the society and cross each other’s life by letching at a sexy girl. While it a good timepass on tuesday evening, it didn’t come together very well at the end. Especially people shooting and killing themselves for a sexy chick was just hype at extreme level.

Liv Tyler‘s ravishing beauty is where the movie rests and she cake-walks through the vamp role. Still, she isn’t the same natural beauty as we saw in Armageddon. Alicia Silverstone would have also made a good fit for this role. Michael Douglas does nothing but smoking on-screen(which is banned in India !!). Watch it for some silly fun on a boring evening.

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  1. aNTi Avatar

    I borrowed this movie to watch from my college library to watch it as part of my John Goodman series (continuing from the Coen Brothers series when I had seen “O’ Brother! where art thou?”, “Raising Arizona” and “Big Lebowski”, all of which had John Goodman too)! He’s one of those guys who’s equally comfortable with both subtle and physical comedy, as opposed to someone like Jim Carey who seems to let his facial expressions and contortions seep into any role, regardless of its nature. If you haven’t seen any of the above mentioned, those are my own reccommendations. The Coen brothers are the same guys who made Fargo, but recently they seem to have lost the plot with The Ladykillers (2004) and Intolerable Cruelty.


  2. Venkatachalam R Avatar

    Foto sooooper… 😀


  3. Vasu Avatar

    I too borrowed it frm my good ol’ school library. btw, by the time i graduated, the school had started (Its TV,Print and Journalism department, i believe) getting DVD’s of all the movies.

    This one has a fairly interesting opening, sags in the middle and kind of left me wanting in the end :-).

    btw, there is some site that i came across which has one minute movie reviews

    The best entry that i found was for Stanley Kubrick’s Dr.Strangelove. Read it. Its lots of fun



  4. Reflex Avatar

    Movie is a one time watch but not Liv Tyler :).