Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish

Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish Gene.

John Battelle’s The Search – How Google and Its Rivals Rewrote the Rules of Business and Transformed Our Culture

Notes from the Underground : The Most Outrageous Stories from the Alternative Press.

Las Vegas for Dummies.

Currently reading these offline. Online….Phew !! It’s information overload.

8 responses to “Richard Dawkins’ The Selfish”

  1. Selfish Gene!!! A tremendously clarifying/enlightening book on the subject…if you are further interested in such books, there is one more called “The Meme Machine”, by Susan Blackmore, with a forward from Richard Dawkins!..Enjoy them..but SG, towards the middle, became too much of biology for about you?


  2. LG, if you like Dawkins you can even try reading his ” The Blind watch maker”….A bit dense, but more or less accessible to a non-tech reader and he makes a very good case for the validity of Darwinism….


  3. selfish gene… i had to read bits and parts of at different times could’t read it all at one go. but a very good book.

    BTW Notes from the Underground is heavy and though I haven’t completed that one yet. But it time absorb the content and make sense. It is available online too(incase anyone is intrested)


  4. Krish, Actually I just started reading and am well past 20 pages on it. Seems very very light even for computer science student like me. And yeah, thanks for the pointer. Donno if i will ever make it to the next book on this category unless dawkins forces me with this one 🙂

    Mutrupulli, Thanks again for the pointer but i have to say biology isn’t my subject. and if i get past this book, which it seems like, i will certainly read the one you mentioned. for me, even these first few pages seem to take on a diff world from the world of google and data warehousing and movies.


  5. Shobana, I think you are talking about dostoevsky’s Notes from the underground. I have read that a year back. Great book like just any other doestoevsky’s works. but this one, i have to say, is a collection of articles from america’s alternative media la weekly, village voice, houston press and so on. if you read the tag line you might get that. thanks for the note on the blog.


  6. yup I was… I guess it did not stike me since that was the last book I was reading.

    ps. shobHna :)(most people do spell my name the way you have)