NPR’s Fresh Air

I love to hear the talk radio while driving to work but then I probably end up with those news stattions constantly screaming the traffic updates.

NPR is certainly fresh air for me. I am probably their newest subscriber to their programs. Accidentaly, I got to listen Terry Gross’ Fresh Air on the net. Since then its keeping my MP3 player busy. Am patting myself on a self-found gem.

8 responses to “NPR’s Fresh Air”

  1. NPR is indispensable on car/work. Check out their other stuff also like World, All things Considered.


  2. Lazy,
    Actually that is one of the best programs on NPR. It is very refreshing and she is probably the best on the phone interviwer I have the pleasure of hearing. If you like her, she has a book out – All I did was ask which compiles a number of her visitors. Have fun. She is addictive.



  3. Subra, Thanks for the mention. Actually I wanted to ask what other programs were as good as Fresh Air.

    Thodarum Madam, Actually all i know is very very limited.

    Srinir, Yep. In one of her recent programs someone said her book was good. Probably i will read it but first i want to listen to her. Asking questions isn’t an easy art.


  4. Hey,

    You might be interested in Wait, Wait, Don’t tell me and car talk. Both these programs come on saturday, if i am not wrong. Market Watch in the evenings is a pretty good program too.