Top 10 songs – For a change, this is from Hollywood

Bijoy Venugopal writes in Rediff on the American Film Institute‘s list of Top 10 Hollywood movie songs.

Some observations/suggestions(not for the American Film Institute, for myself):
a) When you wish upon a star from Pinochio (1940) is on the fourth. I would have rated it number two.

b) The Sound of Music – The Sound Of Music (1965) features at tenth. Remember our own kollywood’s Shanthi Nilayam, was inspired from The Sound of Music. Thats ofcourse, is a very old news. But I would personally rate it number one.

Also The Bridge On The River Kwai theme, Colonel Boogie’s March, hasn’t been included because it never had lyrics to it. It was the yesteryear Mission Impossible like theme. Pity that it was out of the list. I’m atleast happy for Eminem to have made it in the list from his own movie 8 Mile (2002) for the song Lose Yourself.

Farhan Akthar and his Lakshya

Farhan Akthar’s Lakshya is set to release this week. The movie has been hyped and expected just because of Dil Chahta Hai. Dil Chahta Hai tried to change the way people looked at bollywood films. Especially DCH But the expectation was ephemeral. Not many movies after DCH created the impact like what it did.

Out of a blue, on one fine saturday, if you are lazing through channels and you see this tall guy Hritik Roshan dancing like a Prabhu Deva in the recent super hit Main Aisa Kyon Houn. Especially those clandestinely beautiful Bharathnatyam movements where Hritik moves his fingers like scissors across his eyes, are certainly prabhu deva like ones. When I finally learnt that it was Prabhu Deva who composed the choreography, I couldn’t resist my curiosity. Now this is what Prabhu Deva’s uniqueness. He can add those magical movements even to a rather monotonous song.

Recently, during a talk show called The Lounge show in CNBC TV18, Farhan Akthar displayed absolute discipline and was very level headed, unlike many of his contemporaries. Simone D Singh who hosted the show was a show-off. With he not-so-glamorous-and-not-so-natural smile, she was parroting Frahan and kep me irritating. But Farhan maintained his cool even when Simone jumped sky high while mentioning about his wife who did the neo-urban hairdressing for the Dil Chahta Hai guys.

However, I didn’t like the feel of Dil Chahta Hai. It was very unnatural, especially the interiors and the story. But Aamir and Saif Ali Khan played their roles, appreciably well. The interiors, Aamir’s french beard and the Jaane Kyon Log Pyaar Karte song all inspired Kamalhassan in Panchathanthiram. Looking at the promos for Lakshya, it looks like Farhan Akthar has a long way to go. FYI, he also does the lyrics for Bend it like Beckam fame Gurinder Chadha’s latest flick Bride and Prejudice.Are you asking, what about Hritik Roshan?. Thats slightly doubtful.

Read this interesting profile of Farhan in Outlook, here.

Bollywood Junta Party

This 2004 election will be in historical in many dimensions. One important fact would be that the political parties have managed to rope the most number of stars than any other election before. Every single party irrespective of their representation in parliament have roped in stars.

Bollywood has shelled out the major share of it’s stars for this election campaign. From Dharmendra to Govinda to Hema Malini to Sharmila Tagore, Sudha Chandran, Phoonam Dhillon, Zeenat Aman, Smiriti Irani, Om Puri, Yukta Mookhey and Namrata Shirodhkar, this list extends endlessly. South India, known for elevating simple stars to supremo of a state, also offers a bouquet of stars.

While accepting that the stars have added glitter and glamour to the election campaign, are they experienced enough to contest for the MP seats. While it is even debatable if the existing non-star politicians are adding value to their consituencies, a rain of stars in the election will make up for more face and no intrinsic value.

Triggerring a debate if stars should become politicians is as old as elections themselves. I ain’t for it. But just showing them off for a election campaign and trying to woo the voters doesn’t seem ideological. If only stars could denounce the politicial parties, what a noble virtue it would be.

I am just dreaming. Lazy, wake up !!.